This Incredible TINY HOUSE BOAT is Hand-Built & Off-Grid Ready!

This is a handcrafted cedar tiny houseboat that measures 28’x8′ and weighs 6,000 lbs. The Koroc V model has a massive deck with sofas, a dinette, and a hammock that hangs over the water, plus a bimini for shade. Indoors there’s a kitchen, bathroom, dining table, and a dinette with sofas that converts into a queen-size bed. It was handcrafted by Richard from Daigno in Quebec, Canada.

Find out more about Daigno houseboats here:

This float home is completely off-grid with a solar panel and batteries for electricity, a water pump to pull water from the lake or river for showering, a freshwater tank for drinking water, a composting toilet, a carbon filter for greywater, and a propane heater. There are also two roof fans and plenty of windows and doors that can help keep air circulating.

This is a beautiful build and it was fun to spend the day on the water with Richard and his business partner Özgen, touring and spending time on the pontoon boat, and even cooler to go back to his workshop at the end of the day to see where all the magic happens. Richard really does create every part of this boat by hand and we hope you enjoyed taking a peek at another of his masterpieces!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle




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42 Replies to “This Incredible TINY HOUSE BOAT is Hand-Built & Off-Grid Ready!”


    That is amazing! Now he will need to switch his motor to electric by 2040 in order to keep it in the water as fuel restrictions take place.

  2. K R

    Can you move back to featuring people who are actually living in their homes? Seems like mostly commercials lately! Although still very well shot and produced.

  3. ray bon

    obviously i like this alot but? there is some tipping action going
    i would of gone for the pontoon being 1 foot wider than the house? but
    no doubt this has advanced the cuase for a sustaianbale
    non working <— retirement…..lloll..

    in canada and the u.s. you think this thing might be
    welcomed , in,

  4. Rolling Stone

    So where does he keep his dishes, clothes, socks, underwear, shoes, electronics, brooms, mops, pots, pans, washer, dryer, TV, eyeglasses, tupperware, garbage can, fishing pole, silverware, playboy magazines, books, tools, girlfriends, toiletries, towels, hats, mittens, fly swatters, watches, paperwork, tax records, coats, dental floss, cleaning products…. ???

  5. LowsonIntl

    Beautiful craftsmanship and innovative design features. The one caveat to this tiny house boat is the safety of living on the ocean with global warming, likelihood of tsunamis in the future, as this tiny would easily capsize.

  6. Michael Morgan

    The craftsmanship is exceptional, really a nice looking boat, love the hammock.
    My two cents: huge roof why not more solar , 15 gallons of freshwater, what's that a shower and two cups of tea? , access and egress to the stern impeded by the table.

  7. djt2412

    It beautiful, the curved wood, the attention to detail. FWIW I'd probably want the bimini to attach to the cabin to help keep the rain out, plus a set of clears. Can you imagine the view and warmth with clears on a winter day and the heater on? 365/24/7 happy place IMO.

  8. Matt Rossey

    Beautiful wood work. The whole boat is very well designed and very user friendly, so much so that on camera you can see it.

  9. Dave Klein

    I don't live on the water, but near by enough to be aware of mold. How would you keep mold out when living on the water?

  10. Randy Grace

    Seems like the back of the boat would be much heavier than the front. Wonder how they compensated for that.

  11. jocelyne langis

    Mind blowing is the right term! Beautiful material this man is a real perfectionist! Love the hamac idea for an unique relaxation. Everything in there is perfectly made. Great Guy!
    Thanks for this invitation for evasion!

  12. Kay

    woooowwwwuuuuaaaaauuuu!!!! When and where could i buy and work to achieve one for meeeeeeeeeeee??!!!!!!! soys mis idooloos, from spain! Love you!!

  13. booboobearbaby

    I WANT ONE ON LAND!!! Nice woodwork!! I would love to have one on foundation!!! Bravo!! Tks for sharing!

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