Spacious & Modern Tiny House with Clever Walk-Through Bathroom – Full Tour

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In this video, we’re touring a tiny house on wheels with a modern interior and a unique floor plan. On one side is the living room with a small dining space, the kitchen and staircase are in the middle of the tiny house, and there’s a fully equipped walk-through bathroom that leads to an easily accessible main floor bedroom.

This tiny house is 35’ long and 8.5’ wide and it’s parked in Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia.
You can find it on Airbnb here:

The living room is a simple and comfortable space with a vaulted ceiling and there is a space-saving drop leaf table for working and dining. There is a massive amount of storage in the kitchen with extra tall overhead cabinets, a giant fridge and freezer, a hidden dishwasher, and a beautiful panoramic window instead of a backsplash. The hallway bathroom feels huge with a full tub on one side and a washer and dryer on the other, and at the far end is the main floor bedroom with a Queen-size bed, two night tables, and a closet. There’s also a large loft with a step ladder and railing, and the futon converts to a bed so this home has space to sleep six people.

It’s plugged into the grid and the whole house is fully electric including the water heater, stove and oven, and the heaters. So there’s no propane except for the outdoor fire pit.

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Mat & Danielle




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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat of Exploring Alternatives

44 Replies to “Spacious & Modern Tiny House with Clever Walk-Through Bathroom – Full Tour”

  1. Coco D’ Frenchie

    This house looks okay , what I didnt like is the stairs going to the loft is blocking the doorway.

  2. Sergey

    Внешне он выглядит ущербно как бытовка, внутри уютненько, но я бы предпочёл жить в деревянном доме, у этой страны просто ещё не появились традиции, молодая страна.

  3. Barbara Doucet

    Stunning but as usual, NO hanging clothes space. Tiny houses need to have more women to design them.

  4. WithLoveZahra

    To that one special person reading this: May you be protected and blessed beyond your wildest dreams for all the struggles 2020 put you through

  5. Debra Deroos

    I've seen lots of tiny houses. This is one of my least favorites. Very cold. Hate the living room area.

  6. Shawn McDermott

    Nice quality construction, but I'm not a fan of the walk through bathroom. I'd rather have a hallway to the bedroom with the bathroom on the left or right behind sliding barn doors.

  7. Crystal A

    I LOVE the layout of this home! The full size bathtub is EVERYTHING! I like that it has a stackable washer and dryer and a dishwasher!! Love it!

  8. Gurkirpal Singh

    I from other country and am always concerned about safety when I see these house with big glass Windows and stuff

  9. Joshua Smith

    At some point it becomes a mobile home.
    Like the word organic,
    The word tiny is being stretched beyond its meaning.
    It seems like the fashion is how big can they build it.
    Which basically it becomes a mobile home.
    I think the movement has run its course.
    Call it what it is instead of trying to push something its not.

  10. K R

    Sofa looks very uncomfortable as does the seating area; ladder blocks the front entrance; bathroom usage will trap people in the bedroom and what if someone forgets to unlock the bedroom door and leaves out the other way LOL; upstairs loft is very impractical as at the headboard side of the bed, the ceiling height is not sufficient to sit up in bed, not even close, and the window at the other side would preclude putting the bed on that side where the ceiling is taller. The space seems almost useless therefore except maybe as storage; no storage for anything that wouldn't fit in those tiny shelves in the kitchen. Basically it looks nice on the surface but it does not seem like a practical tiny home to me.

  11. Joanne Strong

    Am I the only one wondering how practicle a walk-through toilet is when someone needs to do number twos? You wouldn't be able to walk between your living area and bedroom for half an hour until the air has cleared!

  12. Marie-Andrée Hould

    All tiny houses with bathtubs are my favorites! 😅 This one is great!

    I'd like more closet space for clothes and maybe a bookshelf, but overall it's a great design. I'd see myself in something like this!

  13. Terri-Anne Elverd

    Love the downstairs bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom but I'd put a pantry under the stairs…it's wasted space as it is now…and hanging space is definitely needed especially if a female is the occupant lol 💜

  14. Martha Jameson

    Love this tiny house! Has everything you could want, and not wanting for anything! Laid out so well!!

  15. Janina Fisher

    Hi Matt, I watch a lot of tiny house videos, including yours and Danielle's, and I find many of the younger inexperienced people's videos hard to listen to. They will paint out obvious things where the video should speak for itself, and talk about this or that drawer or cubby where you can store "random stuff." I find them very amateurish. So I wanted to mention how much I enjoyed this video in particular, your descriptions, and how articulate and clear I found it. The mentiin of important tiny house features or concepts such as "everything should have more than one purpose" a very smart approach. People watch these videos to learn, and sharing concepts like this increase the value of the videos. And yes, I too found the bathroom the mist attractive thing about the house! I loved the ling window under the kitchen cabinets but have never been a fan of upper cabinets in my face when I am doing food prep or washing dishes. (I dislike dishwashers.) So thanks for your videos in general, which I enjoy (including the things you two like or what you don't find so workable), and this one in particular! Greetings from Perth, Ontario!🇨🇦❣ (P.S. You mentioned the cost of a Skillshare membership but didn't mention the currency. This is a nuisance with online stuff. I am pretty sure you folks are Canadian, but don't know whether the currency is Canadian. Causes confusion. )

  16. Cynthia Flick

    I like the downstairs bedroom but there is absolutely no clothes storage here. Put the washer/dryer side by side and have hanging closet space above. Get rid of the bathtub and shorten the shower by a foot to have a linen closet. Then raise the bed and add pullout drawers below for clothes storage. Now someone can actually live there instead of rent for the weekend.

  17. Eva H

    Well designed, bedroom on the ground floor. However the living room /furniture/TV looked uncomfortably dressed

  18. Cassandra Sampson

    Great design but man the layout in the lounge could be way better. A small L sofa with the biggest part against the end wall would open up that space more. Even putting that could on the end wall. Not sure about the TV. Suppose it depends on what you want.

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