Garage Converted into AMAZING Modern Living Space – Tiny Home Tour

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In this video, we’re taking a look at a garage that was converted into a great modern living space.
It’s 21’x21′ on the inside, with a 470 square foot building footprint (43 square meters) so it’s kind of like a micro cabin but instead of being out in the woods, it’s in a backyard and close to stores and other services.

This garage conversion is on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, BC and the owners converted it into a rental space as a form of house hacking to help pay their mortgage! You can check it out on Airbnb here:

The garage was built by Blenheim Construction Ltd. and John Lieffers did the finishing.

The large painting in the bedroom was done by Ben Tour and you can follow & find out more about his art here:

Inside it’s an open concept studio with an incredible interior design and we think this space is really interesting because it has everything you need, and it manages to simultaneously feel wide open and spacious, but also cozy and comfortable. The exposed concrete floors and corrugated metal ceiling keep the rustic feel of the garage, and the high windows bring in lots of light but they also provide privacy which is great since the main house is nearby.

Several interior design techniques help to distinguish each space so that it doesn’t feel cluttered. In the kitchen, the island serves as a natural barrier, in the living room, it’s the large area rug that outlines the space, and in the bedroom, there’s a large painting and an open-air closet to delineate the sleeping area.

Some advantages of open concept spaces are that they feel more spacious, they use fewer materials for things like walls, it can be easier to bring in natural light, and you need fewer fixtures, like ceiling fans for example.

Some disadvantages of open-concept spaces are that they can lack privacy, and noise travels easily, but lots of people and even families make it work all the time!

Converting a garage space, or adding an accessory dwelling or laneway house to a property is something that we’re seeing in cities more and more. The upside is that it densifies the population in an urban area which can help prevent a city from sprawling out, and it can increase the number of short and long-term rentals available in the area.

The downside is that these secondary dwelling units usually can’t be purchased separately from the main house, so they don’t create new homeownership opportunities. So it’s not a perfect solution to the housing crisis, but it does create new rental spaces, and it can help make cities more sustainable.

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44 Replies to “Garage Converted into AMAZING Modern Living Space – Tiny Home Tour”

  1. Chris Hine

    I'd put the TV onto a turntable, rotating 180 degrees, so you can just spin it round to face the bed 🙂

  2. Nature's Infinite WELLth

    For me, personally, I’d put a wardrobe/closet in place of the open storage, for one. I don’t watch tv. I’d make the bedroom separate altogether, likely move the entry door where the dinette is and make the kitchen bigger with a 24” fridge/freezer, no microwave, and the island as the dining table.

  3. Kate GTI

    Hi Guys!! Did you know you can flip the TV around and watch it while in bed? Loving all the comments 😍

  4. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Thanks Matt for sharing. We really love this garage conversion. You could always hang a sheer curtain on the back of the TV and still have open concept.❤

  5. Second Act

    Silly to live with looking at the back of the TV. Take a 1 by 8 board and paint it white. Buy a lazy susan bracket and screw it to the board, screw that to the shelf. Put the TV on top of it. Use L brackets to attach a canvas piece of artwork to the wood. Now spin the TV where you want it. The art work follows.

  6. Anita Bušić

    The design is truly wonderful, it really has everything what one might need. My greatest concerns are heating in winter – seems one might have a hard time keeping the place warm, and heavy noise when it rains – since the roof is a single layer of corrugated tin.

  7. Lapis Lazarus

    I love living spaces like this! I lived in a "mother's-in-law quarters" in an old neighborhood in the downtown of my city and it was my favorite. I called it "La Caja" cuz it was a perfect square box.

  8. Emily B

    The only thing I think I would do different is where they have that closet next to the TV I would block that off and put a couple shelves on the opposite side where the living room is so put a very thin sheet up then put a couple shovels and then you have the closet area on one side and those shelves on the other side that's it that's all I would change that area

  9. Irene Ewens

    Awesome space and I could easily see my self living in it with just a couple of changes for storage. It would certainly keep you on track with a minimalist lifestyle without going without comfort.

  10. abattle6973

    Love this idea only thing wonder why there’s no cooling system besides the fan, how hot 🥵 does it get in the summer ☀️????

  11. Vanessa Graham

    I love this garage. It's a great space maybe the tv can be put on a swivel pad. Maybe for privacy two barn doors could be put up around for bedroom walls. I could definitely live in it.

  12. Susan Dwyer

    Really cute, but there is literally NO place to put any clothing!! I would put a dresser (a large one) next to the bed instead of the table, and small dresser units on both sides of the bed and to the left of the couch.

  13. afringedweller

    Department store, like they went to a department store and bought everything at one time that 'matched.' Meh.

  14. Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    Rent the bastard out and make huge profit. That way you can laugh at Alan Greenspan’s attempts to keep everyone poor.

  15. katietatey

    I love this! Such a thoughtful design. I love the high windows for privacy but the low lights to brighten up the space. Looks very cozy.

  16. Natalia

    I love it. I can see myself living in something like this, just add a wall between the bed and living area.

  17. Florida Girl

    It’s totally awesome! I love the openess and it’s airy. (Everyone has their own needs, I would want a normal fridge and stove/oven). The accent lights are great. And it being at least 400 sq ft. It’s more realistic. 👍 Great job & great decorating!

  18. inSpihr

    Sick af but ima figure out how to have an emergency toilet and a portable bath in my 01 subaru, and use water pumps or sumthn to drain, then hittn the road!! 4 cyl awd

  19. Lilith Kenis

    The painting is the first thing I would throw out, and replace by a large mirror, creating the illusion of a larger space. All the rest is very attractive and has even a bit of a sixties ring to it.
    The space to hang clothes next to the TV, I would hide from sight with short curtains. There is a shelf above it, so you could attach a curtain with a small rod or with velcro. You could do the same to hide the back of the TV if you like, or simply put the TV on a swiveling base and that way you could also watch TV in bed. (I just read in the comments underneath that this possibility is foreseen, so much the better!) 😀

  20. HOC

    Outstanding!!! Two notes: Needs a bookshelf. Also, some floor to ceiling curtains to section off areas ( especially the bedroom) would be a viable alternative that would be drawn increase some privacy and can be pulled away when privacy is not needed

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