How to to Invest $100 | 6 ways in *2021*

Hi friends! In this video, I discuss 6 different ways to invest your money. I know a lot of are creating financial goals for the new year and I wanted to give you some beginner ideas on how to start investing your money and building wealth through. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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0:00-2:19 Intro
2:20 HYSA
3:02 Index Funds
5:56 Let’s also talk about Roth IRA
8:20 401k
9:14 Stocks
11:42 Clothing Resell
13:33 Education

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20 Replies to “How to to Invest $100 | 6 ways in *2021*”

  1. darkchurchhill

    These are all good advice; however, I would stay away from reselling thrift items you don't plan on wearing or editing. It's generally frown upon because it's like scalping the used clothing market and making it harder for poor people, who might not have as much time and resources to go shopping, to find trendier items.

  2. Hadley Weyerich

    YES to more of these videos!! They’re a great reminder to prioritize financial independence and are so inspiring!❤️💵

  3. Mickylene Delgado

    Resellers can buy vintage in wholesale with a sellers permit instead of going to the thrift store. However, I also think it’s okay for resellers to shop at thrift stores if they’re low income.

  4. Anthony James

    Why is nobody talking about Cruptocurrency at this moment? It's on a bull run and a lot of people are defintely gonna miss out on that just like the last time

  5. Rudy Luna

    Wow – I was very impressed with your knowledge – enthusiasm – confidence – and salesmanship. It’s great that you are doing these type of videos for the young people around your age – because as u stated schools don’t teach this type of valuable information unless u major in finance in college or if you have the know how and fight to do your own research and learn it

  6. s c a r l e y

    elena is here educating us about real financial things in life, while all i remember from my uni was how to survive through caffeine

  7. Andre South

    Love to see Graham's tips come to life. This video is awesome, got me to subscribe and watch all the ads in their entirety, and clicked through. hopefully, your CPM will go up 🙂

  8. apetskunk

    The bouquet analogy… credit to Dumpster Doggy who created that example. ✌️ would be nice to cite sources. (Haven’t got to the end of the video yet, so sorry if this was done!) x

  9. Sophie Curie

    Vanguard sounds very interesting. I currently live in Australia but plan on moving back home to Germany within the next year. If I was to open a brokerage account with them whilst in Australia, will I still be able to use it once I moved to Germany? Or is it tied to the country I live in?

  10. Anna Moreno

    Because of you, I started investing in my Roth IRA and M1 Finance! Thank you for these videos Elena <3

  11. Paula C.

    Thank you for this video, very inspiring! As a side note, you may want to look into how the big asset managers (e.g. Vanguard) engage around social and environmental issues with the companies in which they have holdings and how, for instance, carbon intensive these portfolios are! — for instance, Vanguard has the power to vote for climate change policies in companies such as Shell, Exxon, Chevron… but it has not been supportive at all in the past few years! ESG and responsible investment might be interesting concepts to be familiar with! Just thought you'd be interested! xxx

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