Couple Living in a Beautiful Plant-Filled 25' Long Tiny House – FULL TOUR

Grace and Ryan live in this bright, beautiful, plant-filled tiny house on wheels that’s 25′ long x 8.5′ wide x 13.5′ tall, and 276 square feet (including the sleeping and storage lofts). The home is perfectly designed so that the couple can live a minimalist lifestyle and work from home with a desk in the living room and a futon couch for lounging and having guests over.

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They have an apartment-size fridge, a propane cooktop, and a deep sink in the kitchen, plus a drop-leaf table that’s handy when they need extra counter space for food prep or drying dishes. They also make great use of vertical space by storing pots and pans on the wall.

The bathroom is compact with a shower stall, a small sink, and Separett urine diversion toilet. Above the bathroom is a great storage loft for things like winter clothes and extra dog food for their pups, Tofu and Pesto.

The sleeping loft in this tiny house is accessible via a storage staircase with a modern railing design. It has loads of headspace (5 feet!), large windows on 3 sides that make you feel like you’re sleeping in the forest, and simple affordable clothing storage that also provides privacy from the main living space downstairs.

The tiny house was built by Escape Traveler:

Grace and Ryan did a great job filming their tiny house tour and we’re so happy to share a tour of their home with you!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle




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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Grace Riley and Ryan Sullivan

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49 Replies to “Couple Living in a Beautiful Plant-Filled 25' Long Tiny House – FULL TOUR”

  1. Kichapi

    Love to see a full computer gaming setup within a tiny house! 🤗 The wood, huge windows, and plants adds hominess to the space. It looks spacious even for the 6ft guy. Saving this.

    PS. Where do you stash your dirty clothes and what is your laundry situation?

  2. 1stklass

    Am I the only one who thinks $106,000 is a-lot of money for this property?? I've seen cheaper builds way bigger using shipping containers… That project cost $30,000

  3. Cheryle Maybury

    That’s a beautiful and functional tiny house. Do you have any problems with mold? I have heard because of the small size, the tiny houses have a lot of problems with mold and really need extracter fans to be installed.

  4. Lynne Scaddan

    What a lovely home.i love your mobile pantry. 👍 your bathroom is a bit claustrophobic but it's great for you two. Ur both slim.

  5. Celestial Yidam

    Y'all have the best tiny home I've ever seen.
    I have a similarly sized RV that works for the minimalist side of things, and it was only $18k new from the dealer, but man oh man I'd trade it in a heartbeat for your rig. What a beautifully designed home. It's so functional and cosy.

  6. R T

    The UN Agenda 2030 is pushing hard for tiny living spaces.
    In the near future, the so called Luciferian new world order will not allow anyone ownership of private property.
    Everything including you belongs to the State.

  7. Alternative Living

    Thank you for inspiring us consistently! everyone welcome to our channel and we appreciate your support!

  8. divinemissm28

    I am usually not a fan of lofts but this one I can definitely get on board with! The extra ceiling height and the large windows are definitely a plus!

  9. Constance Lindsey

    My favorite tiny home thus far! I am a plant mom and I love windows and light colored wood. The windows in the loft are perfect! Lots of windows…yay!

  10. Dawn Heistand

    artificial plants N the house for there is not enough light for those plants to thrive N and I know for I have my own green house attached to my house ! thanx

  11. Brandon Gingras

    😂 they paid $65,000 for a 276 square feet trailer! Please tell me that price at least includes the land?

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