I’m Giving Away this $1,000,000 Florida Modern MANSION *not clickbait*

That is right, I am teaming up with Omaze for your chance to win the a Luxury Florida Mansion and support a great cause enter at ***This entry is open to the entire World, not limited to viewers of this video***

In this episode I take you on a tour of this newly constructed modern Florida Home that Omaze is giving away, It’s a great opportunity to support a great cause. Happy 2021! As far as 2021 content on this channel we are heading out to LA in February to film some incredible homes!

Let me know if you want to see any cost of living videos, apartment tours, or more content related to living in NYC in the next vlog!

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0:00 – Intro
2:43 – Mansion Tour
6:17 – New Years Goals

Welcome to the channel! Erik Conover is an American YouTuber, Real Estate Agent and adventure filmmaker living in New York City with his fiancé Hanna Coleman and golden retriever puppy, Theodore. Conover creates lifestyle travel series featuring incredible destinations around the World, along with his million-dollar luxury listings series giving viewers exclusive access to some of the most beautiful luxury homes on the market.

Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, 2020
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21 Replies to “I’m Giving Away this $1,000,000 Florida Modern MANSION *not clickbait*”

  1. Erik Conover

    HAPPY 2021! First video of the New Year and we are giving away the chance to win a MANSION in Florida. Comment below what types of videos you want to see in the new year, hope everyone is happy, healthy and staying strong through some pretty crazy times – Erik

  2. Adina Lopez

    Hi!! Happy New Years!!! So excited to see the continuing journey. It’s so cool that you are doing this. That Florida home I s a dream home. However, I need the money. As most people, jobs got shut down, lost mine, I am a student so I need to pay for school and just my regular bill and food. my family is not near me so i would get a small house there and also give some to them. I have been watching your channel for months. I can’t wait for you to complete your house decor and possibly share that journey. I know I won’t win because it’s a lotto but though I can only donate $10 a little goes a long way and there is always someone that needs more help than the other.

  3. Ratih Dewi

    If i have that amount of money, i'll use it for paying my hospital bill, that i've been struggling for cure my breasts cancer in this past 3 years now…Still Praying & hoping there's a miracle that i can live my life longer. Now i just want to think my happily life in a positive way,not to be burden for anyone else. Just thank God, He still let me breathe today and let me writes to all of U in this world. Be grateful for ur life, cause life is to short. 😉

  4. Manel Krida

    Can someone from north Africa have this house?
    I'm from north Africa and my biggest dream is to live in miami florida 😥

  5. Krishnam Agrawal

    Mr. Erik I cant donate money since I am a 16 year old guy from India but I can do one thing which is appreciating you for the kind steps that you take for the betterment of the society. My father earns about 8000 to 8500 dollars per year if we convert them in Indian rupees. I watch your videos cause I get motivation to earn and live life bigger from you. Thank you so much

  6. Nathalie Looijenga

    I have been watching your videos for years and have seen you grow so much, that really makes me so happy!!!

  7. Marshall and Nadine Devall

    Who would want to live in Florida? Hot, expensive, in the US, full of MAGA idiots, and now, TRUMP? PLEASE!

  8. Natashaa

    Bruh if I won this house I wouldn’t have to share a room with 2 little girls and my brother wouldn’t live in the garage 🙈😀

  9. Alice Hamilton

    I rather go for the million dollars in cash so I can save it for my retirement in the future m and I would split it with my mom.

  10. rakan boumatar

    If i were to ever win this huge giveaway I’d start my dream of creating my real estate agency and would donate to my mom’s charity here in lebanon so it would help a lot, have a great day!

  11. Esther Rogers

    Wowww ….Woaahhh…is this realty real 😂
    First -I’d tithe 10percent to different ministries/organizations that have helped me and I believe in.
    Then I’d go to the Bronx, in New York where residents live and get everybody an updated kitchen and bath.
    I’d invest in understanding how to use social media to make an income.
    I’d go to Spain and Colorado coz I’ve always wanted to go there. I’d go with my two sons and let them pick out a house for them, and then me. Wowww this is fun… I’d get conga lessons, and oh my goodness….I’m gonna pause here coz I’m not use to dreaming so big for me…..of course…pay my bills off……..

  12. Esther Rogers

    That house is amazing-everything about it was detailed perfectly with the sun factored in as well. Wowww it took my breath away…

  13. celoy napoles

    ☝🏻For 1M! 10% For my dream house! 90% will go to that charity. Deal? From PH here 🙏🏻🙏🏻☺️😇

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