Boat Builder's AMAZING Modern Tiny House Boat – Full Tour

The SeaSuite is a tiny aluminum houseboat with loads of windows, a large dinette with an electric table, an l-shaped galley, a comfy Queen-size bed, and a modern head (bathroom) with a porthole window in the shower. There’s also loads of storage space built into every area in the boat. For exterior space, there is an adorable miniature front deck, an epic rooftop deck, and an outdoor navigation station. It’s 26′ long x 11’6″ wide and weighs over 8,000 lbs.

You can find out more about the SeaSuites boats here:

And you can rent the SeaSuite in Sidney, British Columbia here:

Mark Philbrook has always had a close association with the sea. He comes from a family of boatbuilders (his father and grandfather started Philbrook Shipyards) and Mark was a liveaboard on an Erikson 39 sailboat for 16 years. He designed the SeaSuite and began construction in 2017. His wife Nadine helped with interior design, his friend Craig Toby helped with the build, and the aluminum welding was done by Mark Keeler. It’s a fully certified Transport Canada boat.

The boat is insulated with 1″ foam board and has 2 sources of heat: a Propex propane heater, and a radiant electric oil heater. It can be operated on the grid by plugging into 30-amp shore power and hooking up to municipal water, or it can be off-grid with freshwater storage bladders, a Separett urine diversion toilet, 520 watts of solar power, 4 x 6-volt deep cycle batteries, and a Propex propane heater.

This is a unique and brilliantly designed tiny houseboat and we hope you enjoy touring it!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle




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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat of Exploring Alternatives

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24 Replies to “Boat Builder's AMAZING Modern Tiny House Boat – Full Tour”

  1. Shane Beaudrot

    Did I mention how impressive this boat is? Awesome hull design. Congratulations on your new endeavor, may the my Lord bless you.

  2. Warren Atwood

    Well done! Wonderful design. I have a sister in Victoria, next visit I hopefully can rent this for a night or two.

  3. beeART

    I would add a porthole window on the bathroom door, with a quick drop down curtain for privacy. Otherwise, it is perfection!!

  4. Mathias Gerald

    How low do the in-floor temperatures get? Should you be worried about the water bladder during an especially cold Canadian winter?

  5. Will Nelson

    Interesting build. I would try window tinting to deal with the looky-loos. You could still enjoy the views.

  6. Jack Wesselman

    I think I would find a flat bottom a little limiting and scarry. Having toodled around the islands with winds, tide changes, ship and boat wash etc. Any thought of dual pontoon as an alternative without destroying what is good about your design? Cool project, many good ideas, thank you.

  7. julie mathias

    Being so low to the water, I wonder if waves come up, if so you wouldn’t want to have a storm. But if it was living on a river it would be pretty much perfect, it is beautiful

  8. Murray Madness

    Very nice compact tiny home on the water. Probably very expensive, and how does it handle rough water?

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