Things To Do In Auckland Ep.01 — Climbing The Sky Tower! | Skywalk & Bridge Climb

Episode 1 of the best things to do in Auckland covers the extreme, by climbing the Sky Tower and Harbour Bridge! The SkyWalk and Bridge Walk are AJ Hackett activities that… ✪ Planning to travel in New Zealand? Keep in touch for the ultimate travel guide — ⬇ More Below ⬇

For the first episode in our best things to do in Auckland series we’ve hunted out a few of the most fun and adrenaline pumping activities you can do… it just so happens they also help showcase some of the best attractions Auckland has to offer as well!

The answer to getting extreme in Auckland is AJ Hackett, we were hosted by the team to help share the Bridge Climb tour over the Auckland Harbour Bridge and the SkyWalk tour around the Sky Tower. They have different activities in a few places around New Zealand here —

The SkyWalk is around the outside of New Zealand’s largest building, the Sky Tower. Close to 200 metres above the streets you walk around on the outer rim completing different challenges and getting the most impressive views of the city.

The Bridge Climb is under, over and on top of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It’s a super interesting tour with loads of secret intel about the build process and surrounding areas – it also has 360 degree views of Auckland! 

This multi-part series is all about sharing the best things to do in Auckland, New Zealand… what to do, the main attractions, what to see, the best way to see Auckland and the things to do along the way. There will be 6+ episodes so subscribe to follow along with them all:

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We’re Dane & Stacey — a couple of nomadic travellers from little New Zealand, doing big things. In early 2017 we booked a one-way ticket to Thailand and traveled for 3 years non-stop… the pandemic had something to say about that.

Now we spend most of our time in New Zealand, experiencing our own country through the eyes of a tourist and sharing that all here, with you. So hi from us and thanks for joining along with us on the adventure.

And for what it’s worth, it’s pronounced Dane-Ger, aka Danger… not Dan-E-Ger 😱

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33 Replies to “Things To Do In Auckland Ep.01 — Climbing The Sky Tower! | Skywalk & Bridge Climb”

  1. Lulu 1266

    Super vlog and so great to see you both so proud of each other on the Tower Walk! Well done! Like many will say here it's good to see a country with freedom of movement and common sense precautions. Bit different in the UK so thanks for this breath of fresh air. (Ps Are you really sure we can't borrow your PM?)

  2. Ruth Uckardes

    OMG…even my feet were sweating as you were walking around the tower!!!!! Stacey…I can't believe you actually did that!! Did Dane bribe you with a soak in a hot tub if you went lol

  3. tressa merk

    Looks amazing, I would never have the nerves to do this. Looking forward to this series! Love to see NZ and have some escapism.

  4. London Viewpoints

    That was really cool, would love to do the sky walk one day or jsut visit this tower for timelapses😀

  5. Kyle

    You guys are out of your minds, but it's been fun to watch 🙂 When Danger said, "There's just no better way to see Auckland", I was like, uh, 'I'm sure I could find others', hahaha. Great video! Looking forward to the new hometown series! I imagine it's hard to see your own town as an interesting place, but it looks incredibly beautiful from here Toronto 🙂

  6. Catherine de Seton

    I'm sorry, I had to turn the sound off on the Sky Tower adventure – but I did kind of watch it. The Harbour Bridge adventure, I managed with the sound. I went up the Sky Tower probably a decade back, in that fast lift – never again but at least I did it with a whole lot of friends, some just as terrified as me…. Looking forward to Rangitoto adventure, been more than 20 years since I went over there…

  7. Traveler Trome

    OMG my hands were shaking and my palms were sweaty looking at that drop you guys had in front of you on that skywalk!! So beautiful yet so terrifying! You trusted your lives completely on the gear attached to you. Cheers to your bravery!

  8. Adam M

    Would love to see not only the touristy stuff in Auckland, but what is daily life like? How’s traffic? People? Costs? Housing?

  9. Shireen Paeper

    Well done Stacey – considering you were so nervous, congrats are definitely in order. I would so NOT ever NEVER be able to do that 🙈😆

  10. kiwilauren

    I have jumped off of the Auckland Sky Tower twice – so much fun! I might have to do the bridge bungy next time I’m in NZ!

  11. David

    I couldn't even make it past the intro – I cant even do heights on my laptop screen. I'm sure the rest of it was great though…

  12. Best world

    Cool!!When we can see your jumping?😜I never do this and I don't want😱🤪,but you are my heroes🤗😍😄

  13. Angie Evans

    Yay! A lot of South Islanders like to give Auckland shit but I LOVE Auckland! So I'm looking forward to this so much ❤

  14. Angie Evans

    Man I so wish I could do that but the only thing I'm afraid of is heights and I'm fairly confident that I would pass out 🤢

  15. Gwyneth Glas-Brown

    Omg😱. Not for me i am scared of heights. Stacey Danger 👏👏👏( . 😅😅the thumbnail )But well done. What an amazing views Beautiful stunning .

  16. Zoe Louise

    I’m so excited for this series, I’m already in love with New Zealand after exploring it through your videos last time, and now I’m going to fall in love with Auckland. You live in such a beautiful country, and props to Stacey for climbing the tower! I’d have been pooping my pants! 💩

  17. The Life Created - Travel Vlog

    I love how you two were all intimidated by the waking the sky tower, I was shitting my pants just watching, and in the back there's casually two window cleaners doing their job 😂

  18. C Banks

    I had to close my eyes when you were looking over the edge of the skywalk 😲 I don't think you could pay me enough to do that 🙄

  19. Evija Bozinska

    Oh, gosh, I was nervous even just watching how you walk up there 😅 Possibly I could do bridge walk, but skyscraper….never! 😅 but this looked like such a cool experience 💪🏻

  20. Matej Mikšec

    I have seen many vloggers like you on YouTube sharing nomad lifestyle experience, but you are the best ones for sure. Love how you approach every small detail and your positive attitude overall. Glad you like your stay in Croatia. Wish you all the best in post-covid time…

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