Dream yacht trip in Turkey with friends #shorts

3 of my good friends and I took out this 168 foot yacht off the coast of turkey. It was the craziest experience of my life.

Watch the full video here:


30 Replies to “Dream yacht trip in Turkey with friends #shorts”

  1. Gabe Hawkins

    Christian bro, I watch a lot of live aboard sailing channels and travel channels, thank you for combining them lol. Best youtuber out there, second maybe to codyko. Also you should fulfil your promise you made a while ago to come and travel Southern Africa soon

  2. The Blaque Kangaroo

    That Yacht looks dope, fun times and great memories!! Keep it up and live to the fullest🛫🌍

  3. Lost LeBlanc

    Not sure if this is posting to my regular video feed cause it was meant to just be posted to YouTube’s new shorts feature 🧐

    Anyways. Learning in progress 😂


    It wasn’t that long ago you were staying in $2 a night hostels and now look at you!
    You’re living the dream Christian
    It’s amazing to watch 👍

  5. Trini Weekes

    Happy new year man. You are in my top five vloggers. Please do a video series on how you plan these videos. Like a behind the scene.

  6. TravellerWithPlan

    And i just thought you and your friends was wearing shorts in a Yacht, which is kind of true 🙂

  7. Shey

    Used to be a big fan of your channel! Now it's just videos showing off. Editing is great but content is going downhill.

  8. Sylvia Mondala

    Beautiful. I think i saw this post in ig. I’m surprised it’s actually you hehe let me check if I’m right . Love this short video btw

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