Australians In Iceland: One Year Update Of Our Icelandic Home

Australians In Iceland: One Year Update Of Our Icelandic Cabin
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Ah…it is 12 months since I bought my very first home…in Iceland.
So here is a little update on what changes we’ve made to the home, what it’s like living in Iceland, what it’s like having a home.

It’s a little bit of a longer video today because I really felt like getting detailed about it all, explaining everything.

It’s such an exciting journey to be a first time home owner, especially in Iceland, so I’m basking in the glory of it all.

Being a home owner is for sure challenging at times, there’s so much to be done around the house, there are so many maintenance tasks that constantly pop up and changes that need to be made. We feel very adult.

But it’s very rewarding and we are both eternally grateful.

Owning a home is a dream for so many and especially in one of the most sought after countries in the world, so we do absolutely feel like the luckiest people in the world.

Sincere gratitude to Iceland for letting us live here, my background of being Polish which allows me to live here easily (thanks mum and dad!), Leon for working his tooshie off to secure a rare visa to be able to live here, me for working my tooshie off in business and doing that grind for 10+ years to be able to make this dream come true and all of you, for helping to support this dream. None of it would be possible without you all.

Many kisses.

I hope you enjoy.

Lots of love to you all 🙂

Thanks for being here on my journey.


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38 Replies to “Australians In Iceland: One Year Update Of Our Icelandic Home”

  1. Sorelle Amore

    It's such an honour and pleasure to be able to live in this country and to be a first time home owner. Watching it now in hindsight, I absolutely did not express that enough. Videos like this have a humbling way of teaching me gratitude. THANK YOU ICELAND! THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE ON MY JOURNEY AND HELPING TO MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE!!!

  2. Sirena Russell

    My goth heart loves your black viking church house idea, I am HERE FOR IT! The subway tile in the kitchen is lovely. Maybe I'm just a sucker for subway tile but it was definitely a good choice. Maybe more in the bathroom? I feel the same about yellow/orange (and pink) colors, I find them sort of jarring and hard to relax around. I can't wait to see what you do with such an amazing house, and no 12 months is not a long time at all.

    As a Californian I have to say it is definitely lucky for you that you ended up in Iceland and not here. LA area is drowning in Covid cases and on top of that the whole state had a really long fire season- basically all of summer and fall. Here in NorCal we even had a red flag warning in December! It's been so dry and windy. It's been a hard year. I love my home but I've been eying Iceland and Northern Europe in general for somewhere to possibly move to because I'm jealous of the snow… Among other things.

    Either way I can't wait to visit Iceland when it's allowed again and in the meantime I wish you success with your house adventures. Be well ❤

  3. Millie

    Would you be able to do a video on how to meet friends/establish and nurture a friend group as an adult moving to a new community? Especially in communities where most residents are local not transplants!


    Just when I thought I couldn’t love your content any more, you go and create my dream house. You are incredible. I wish that one day I’ll get to meet your beautiful soul. Also Happy Birthday!

  5. Matthew B

    sounds like electricity costs are worse than aus. what could you guys do for renewable and offgrid energy? solar doesn't sound like it would work but you did say its windy so wind turbines?

  6. Victoria Roga

    I don't even know you two personally and I couldn't be more excited to see you go through this journey from the beginning and everything that's yet to come. Hi from Argentina!

  7. live.boldly

    Yes! Warm, calm, serene. We just created an apartment in our basement and opened all the ceilings to the rafters and painted them black, and we love it. Love your new dining space – we are all about the furniture-less movement and have our futon mattress on the floor, which we hang over a suspended rod once we are up. We also installed a removable hammock in the living room and will soon create monkey bars along one section of the rafters, so we have another reason for fun movement. Sorelle, your space is beautiful, and I hope it brings you both peace, comfort and inspiration.

  8. Nala

    glad to see the fruits of your hard material and spiritual work, enjoy and best of luck.
    Though I still think maybe u need to just create more windows in the house that dye it all dark, or consult an architecture specializes in linear desighn

    loved ur skull share course it ie excellent and also chill and welcoming

    please make more videos about the house and life there and also about traveling

  9. Sohaila

    Hey sorelle! Not sure if you would see this but staining the wood green in the kitchen would look very modern and make it darker

  10. LK

    Hey sis! Your space is amazing! I hope you guys are having a beautiful fun time while creating what u want b/c it shows!!! Thanks for sharing☺️

  11. rozasemail

    Lovely house!!! Can't wait to see the "dark" color – I mean if gothic it has to be black… may look absolutely stunning! Falleg hús 🙂 your videos help me so much to navigate my inevitable move to Iceland. what I like the most about it is your honesty – yes, it's dark, cold windy etc. in Iceland but LOOK AT THAT NATURE! my partner and kids are Icelandic and I've been there about 14 times, including over Christmas time.. with the pandemic and isolation life here in the states is just… yeah, so Iceland here we come. please continue to make honest videos like these and maybe some more about life in Iceland in general. thanks!

  12. TheCollegeProfessor

    Congratulations on the new place. I have never been to Iceland. Thanks for sharing that would be awesome home for your family.

  13. Dezarai Larsen

    Maybe try staining the wood you want to keep? It would take the orange away but keep the beauty of the wood! Probably need to sand first which is a pain but the stain would stick better if so. My dad just redid some of his orange wood cabinets and it looks so much better. Just an idea 🤗
    It’s fun to see other people’s homes and how they make them reflect their personalities. ❤️

  14. Liis Jago

    Why not neutralise the orange by using seethrough paints that allow the wood shine theough but just tone it? Light beige for example? 🙂

  15. Mina Grahovska

    I don't think black is your color in the cabin. First you have lack of sunlight in winter, it's dark in general in your house and because of that u have to use more light blub. But anyway everyone is jealous of your home!

  16. Priti Shikotra

    Can’t wait to travel again when travel resumes 😭 Loved my previous 2 trips to Iceland and look forward to experiencing it with my toddler! House looks beautiful enjoy!

  17. Anna Maria Tveita Elsen

    You house is amazing, cozy and migical. Just breath taking. Can't wait for the next update.

  18. Ayla Van

    Thought you were gonna quit YT, are you gonna address that whole thing? Think if you don't, people will probably draw their own conclusions. I know I have x

  19. Saaga Mylläri

    You could possibly stain the wood with something lighter. The orange colour is nice if you add some neutral colours as you guys did. 🙂

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