Things To Do In Auckland Ep.02 — Hiking A Volcano! | Rangitoto Island & Fullers Ferry

In episode 2 of the best things to do in Auckland we’re taking the ferry to Rangitoto Island to hike a volcano! Jumping on the Fullers ferry is… ✪ Planning to travel in New Zealand? Keep in touch for the ultimate travel guide — ⬇ More Below ⬇

There’s so many fun things to do in Auckland New Zealand we couldn’t possibly tick them all off — but the chance to hike a volcano is pretty cool! So we’re jumping on a Fullers Ferry over to Rangitoto Island to do the island summit track.

Rangitoto is one of about 50 volcanoes in Auckland, but as far as we know, it’s one of the more popular island hikes with a summit track you can reach. It’s the tallest volcano so that’s likely the reason, others can be reached in Auckland easily but because you can drive to the top or walk there in a few minutes they don’t necessarily make our top things to do. Rangitoto is a good classic New Zealand adventure experience and day out.

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31 Replies to “Things To Do In Auckland Ep.02 — Hiking A Volcano! | Rangitoto Island & Fullers Ferry”

  1. Colin Chan

    That crater shot looked amazing. Random question, what’s with the Philadelphia Flyers cap that Dane has? Is he a fan? I wouldn’t have thought that they’d show much hockey in New Zealand.

  2. Conrad F

    I miss NZ so much. I have lovely memories of Rangitoto. This warmed my sentimental heart. I did it in the winter though, haha. Great video.

  3. Steph Phillips

    Weve just been learning all about Volcanoes for my daughters homeschooling this week so this was really interesting. Thanks again for another fab video guys 😊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  4. Jo Ayres

    Yep you officially jinxed it! 😯 great vlog can't wait to come up for a proper visit, usually just passing through on way to airport 🛫

  5. Melody Rice

    I can't wait to come to NZ some day! However, if the sun is the most intense in the world as you said, it is probably gonna be in winter, cause I get sunburnt so easily 😅😋

  6. unchained

    Missing travel while living on a Covid-free paradise island at the end of the world is a bit cynical since we are in an endless lockdown here in Europe. I would happily trade places.

  7. Marieke Buitelaar

    Man, I can't wait to be able to come back to NZ and visit all of these beautiful places. Thank you so much for transporting me back there with these video's!!

  8. j.osephine

    I was lucky enough to visit Rangitoto back in 2016 when my family and I did a roadtrip through the North Island, it was awesome and I haven't seen anyone else on youtube document it! Lovely video as usual you two! Binged the reveal NZ series last week and once the boarders open up to us over here in Aus I'm so keen to come over for another trip!

  9. Bee Oh El

    Well lads that was very interesting
    The part where Dane said it steeper than you thought no that means you are getting older 😀💚
    As always love from 🇮🇪☘️💚😘

  10. Bucket List Travellers

    The landscape in Auckland is just spectacular! We love the combination of volcanos and beautiful harbour views. Amazing 😍😍😍
    We've been doing lots of volcano hikes recently as there are a lot of volcanos where we are in Nicaragua. They always seem to be a tough climb, but very satisfying when you get to the top 😀
    Shame you didn't get to go for a swim, but good excuse to go back!

  11. Stephanie Gruenberg

    I got a kick out of the announcement reminding everyone the island was pest free so to check their bags for rats, mice, etc….do mice sneak into bags and people don't notice normally?
    Beautiful hike & scenery! Lava rock is sharp. You definitely don't want to trip and fall on it.

  12. joanne young

    what a stunning video….. Auckland looks beautiful. Would love to see more of that downtown area. Your videos have been such a cool advertisement for your country

  13. B

    Nice job guys for including the info/broadcast and footage about controlling the contamination and the protection of NZ flora and fauna!!

  14. Spencer Raap

    A flyers hat? when I eventually make it there I need to meet up with you and bring you a Winnipeg jets cap! Great vid, gives me a couple ideas to do on my first day!

  15. Diana Galvez

    Wow, guys! This was just breathtaking and that flower is sooooooo beautiful. Thank you for sharing and taking us around ❤️🙂

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