Living in a Compact 200 ft² Tiny House with Stunning Exterior & Interior Design

Zach & Leala designed this unique and beautiful 24-foot long tiny house and built it from paycheque to paycheque, as well as with gifts of time and materials from family and friends. Their dream tiny house has an efficient u-shaped kitchen, a living room with a real couch and loads of storage, a bathroom with a clawfoot tub and a combo washer-dryer, a private loft sleeping space, an open-concept tv lounge loft, and a storage staircase that makes the bed accessible for their two dogs!

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The 200 square foot tiny home on wheels is sitting on a 4-foot tall platform because it’s currently parked in a floodplain. The deck gives them loads of extra outdoor living space and it’s nicely shaded with a large sloping metal overhang.

The house is plugged onto the grid for electricity and water, and they also have propane for their stove and water heater. It cost them approximately $40,000 CAD to build the house, including the appliances but not including the deck and the overhang.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Zach & Leala and taking a tour of their lovely home!

Thanks for watching!

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49 Replies to “Living in a Compact 200 ft² Tiny House with Stunning Exterior & Interior Design”

  1. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    They did a wonderful job on the layout and design. We like the different and unique touches that they added.👍👍❤

  2. CWR

    You guys friggen nailed this build. So much logic and nice flow combined. The aesthetic and use of space is amazing

  3. CWR

    Curious about water – catchment? Public utilities? Well? and what is the power coming from other than propane? And how much cooking and water heating do you get from those 20lb tanks?

  4. Noemi Solano

    Thank you Zach & Leala for showing your beautiful tiny home!!! Stay in your tiny home forever.

    Thank you for showing that even though you built your tiny home paycheck to paycheck, it still can be done!! For me that's very inspirational and shows that anyone can build there tiny home.

    I too want to go tiny. As I get older, I don't want to struggle with keeping a roof over my head. Especially with apartment rents going up each year. I have been downsizing alot with my things especially now during COVID pandemic with being home all the time.

    You two did well with building your own home and going tiny!! God bless you both and enjoy your beautiful home!!

  5. K R

    Charming couple and amazing job on the house! Trying to figure out her accent- do i hear some Scottish in the mix? I'm only 4 minutes in, maybe you're going to mention it later….

  6. SoCalFreelance

    Collecting and repurposing wood from demolition sites for tiny home builders would be a great business.

  7. Big Hearts Tiny Vegans

    Thank you so much for filming our home! You guys are amazing and it’s so fun to see this video and read all the comments! 😊🧡

  8. M. P.

    Love your tiny home, it’s beautiful. We have build one also as a fun house for our grandkids with all kinds of left over wood that we had in our shed. It’s build barn style and is 320 sq ft. We are renting it some weeks in the Summer as our grand kids are living in Montreal and Burlington, Ontario and we are in the northern part of New Brunswick. With Covid, we did not rent in Summer 2020, hope we can this coming Summer. We cannot rent in colder season as it is not insulated. Enjoy your beautiful Tiny home, you might be able to see a short video of ours if you search for “The Golden Bed Tiny Home/La Mini Maison au Lit d’or” online. We have change the red door to a white steel door in the front and a few other things as we get new ideas. Good luck.

  9. herni lukitomo

    Very nice home, do you mind sharing the house dimension for each section. The size looks perfect to me, i am planning to build one this size. Thanks so much

  10. Noukz

    Hey guys, why did you stop showing us metric conversions on the screen? (and currency as well?) I'm sure a lot of your audience is outside of the USA

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