Our Birth Story + C-Section Recovery Q&A *HONEST & REAL

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We get honest & raw in talking all things postpartum.

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0:00 Intro
0:53 My Birth Story
3:31 C-Section Recovery
9:33 Postpartum

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47 Replies to “Our Birth Story + C-Section Recovery Q&A *HONEST & REAL”

  1. Gracie And Sapphire

    Big love to you ❤, excellent video, Elliot is just beautiful, well done and you will feel like you again in time, take good care x

  2. Marnie Johnston

    Sending all the love Nadine ❤️
    Can relate to the emotions surrounding not getting the birth you wanted, those first few weeks of craziness and sleep deprivation, and also the “work in progress” breastfeeding! My daughter will be two years old next month, and all I’ll say is: it gets easier. But until then, sending all the love! Motherhood is tough ❤️

  3. Chalene M

    Nadine, thank you for being so open about your experience, hearing your experience will help others relate and to feel less alone. I’m so sorry your birth experience went the way it did. Motherhood is such a trip to birth a human(not to mention to have a traumatic experience), then be expected to care for this human while you are trying to heal is wild. Just know YOU are exactly what your baby needs and are doing amazing for him!

  4. It's Me Sharda

    I'm so emotional every time I watch your latest vids, I promise everything gets better! It doesn't matter how he got here, he got here safely 💜 that's all that matters. Sending love xxxx

  5. Jigna Odedra

    In your updated house tour video, you mentioned that you and Matt live in a basement suite with your parents' suite in front of yours. Do your parents come to your suite from time to time to check on baby or do they not at all?

  6. LIFE A JA

    I am so so sorry that you went through so much pain… thank you for sharing and being strong and brave enough to do that. It’s great that Elliot is doing well and Matt is a supportive dad. If I was near you I’d cook for you or help you with cleaning so you wouldn’t have to think about it 🙂 🙂 I’m not a mom, but I’d like to be one day and it’s great to hear real stories so that when the day comes, I know that it’s normal that not everything goes according to plan. I’m sending you lot of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Monica Harris-Green

    Thanks for sharing. You'll get through it all. One day at a time. Glad you have Matt and such great support. All the emotions are normal. He's adorable!

  8. Stephie Grennell

    Hey! Big hug. The first bit is the roughest. But you are doing an awesome job, momma! How lucky is your son to have such amazing parents that love him so deeply. 🥰 And all the things you are feeling is so normal. 💜
    You are doing a great job! 🥰🥰🥰

  9. Irene Jimenez

    This is so emotional to watch , ( maybe my pregnancy hormones ) I can totally understand you and wanted to thanks for sharing your story , you are an amazing woman, and know that your son and husband and all of us are here for you. I have follow you for many years now and wish you the best on your Mami journey , you have a beautiful family . And loves is all we need . Blessings

  10. Travel with Corletts

    Aw, congratulations on your baby boy! And don't be too upset that the birth didn't go as you hoped it would (I know it's easier said than done), birth experiences hardly ever do! I had a vaginal birth with no painkillers as I was too late to get to the hospital. And my daughter got stuck, which made the pain absolutely immense, so by the time she was actually born (it took me two and a half hours of pushing) I was in a shock so I didn't get to enjoy the fact that she was born, which was hard for me later. But, honestly, you have years and years to enjoy and spend time with your son, birth is only a small part of it. Women put too much hope and plan in making the birth right, because more often than not, it does not go the way they have planned.

  11. M W

    Sending ❤️❤️ It's a tough job!! This really brought back a lot of memories and feelings from when my daughter was born in January. I couldn't handle the pain of the induction and was a bit loopy on pain meds when she was born and she needed help starting to breath which was terrifying and I didn't get to see her for a bit or do skin to skin for an hour or so after she was born.. it's still so foggy. I also felt that intense "empathy" feeling that you described and had quite a bit of baby blues. I didn't truly start to feel myself again once in a while until about 2 months pp and then by about 5 months I was more or less feeling like myself. The breastfeeding gets easier too, we even had a couple nursing strikes which were stressful but since she was 5 months old the breastfeeding has been super easy and worth it for us. Gobble up all those newborn snuggles, trust your instincts, and give yourself some love too ❤️

  12. Belinda Casellanos

    The first step off the bed to walk after a c- section sent chills all over my body with excruciating pain

  13. take5newstv

    Elliot is very handsome and I am so grateful that we live today and not in a time when childbirth was so very very dangerous. Enjoy . The days weeks years pass quickly. You’ll be a great mom. Follow your instincts. Your heart knows. And don’t let other expectations cloud you. Baby doesn’t need perfect parents. He needs real people.

  14. I Break The News

    Dear Nadine, I am not a mother (yet) so I won’t pretend I know how you feel. I just want to add a hopefully helpful comment. My sister, also named Nadine 🙂 could only enjoy her pregnancy, because she was able to choose a c-section. She was horrified by the thought of giving birth the regular way. What I am trying to say is, there are such different preferences and 347389287498 infos on the internet about what is the BEST WAY to do certain things. Who knows really, what of this information is valid and what is not. Don’t beat yourself up for how it went down. So you did not get to do skin on skin the first 5 minutes, BUT he will have you as a loving mother for all of your life. You are bonding NOW! Hormones and all of that are probably still ruling you. I just want to say, that I am a perfectionist too but from what I see, when a baby comes into play we have to LET GO OF PERFECTIONISM. Nobody is or can be perfect. We can only do things to the best of our ability and mean well. It is a process. You are a brand new – 1st time mom! Show yourself some kindness. Give it some time. And you have Matt by your side, going through it with you. I say this as a supporter who is seeing you struggling. If it gets too much, please be open about it with Matt too and get maybe a weekly therapy session to help you get back on your feet and adjust to the new life situation. I was wondering if I should leave this comment because this is a very personal matter, but I thought if it helps you in any way it is worth it. Greetings from Germany. PS. Your little one is adorable!

  15. Allison Katayama

    Oh mama! I feel your emotions though the screen. I’m a year in to motherhood and those first few months are so hard let alone weeks. But just know that you are doing a fabulous job! Elliot is so precious and I hope you have great physical, mental and emotional support during this time! Sending love from California💕

  16. paige johnson

    I've been along with you on the pregnancy journey with my own pregnancy and it's crazy how similar my birth was to yours and only a week after. It's terrifying when your baby comes out not breathing from meconium aspiration. I'm glad you are recovering well 💕

  17. Sammie Sea

    Nadine, thank you for being genuine here. You laid it out so simple without politics and it is YOUR story because of that. Wishing you and your little one the best.

  18. From Fiji to Here

    Oh Nadine! I wish I could just hug you so hard ❤ it is so incredibly difficult to come to terms with not having the birth experience you had anticipated and dreamed of. It took me MONTHS and even still it's hard to believe that I can't have another shot at it (complications leading to mandatory future c-sections)

    Just know that you are not alone in this and if ya just need to vent or a shoulder to lean on we're here for you ❤

  19. equynenergie

    You are amazing …. Lovely and Honest …. One day at a time 💙💙💙 Sending love to all 3 of you

  20. Bertuccia Maja Skoro

    Hey Nadine, wishing you a rapid recovery! 💛 Thank you for sharing your story so that other mamas can relate in similar situation. Sending you much love from Damanhur 🙏

  21. Lynn Missen

    Just read the comments and I hope you find joy in knowing your not alone and loved. It’s the hardest yet the best of times seeing yourself and Matt grow into parents You are both stronger than you think and I know you will be strong and ask for help if you need it. You have an amazing birth story it is one of strength and courage love and care. You have amazing men in your life Matt and Elliot

  22. Slovenian Girl Abroad

    Nadine, thank you for being so honest. I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out as you expected. It's hard, but try to stay positive and things will get better, you'll see. You're doing great job. Eliott will soon sleep through the night, your life will get back to normal eventually. It will never be the same as was before, but it will be amazing, you'll see. Life with babies and kids is though, but so rewarding.
    I'm shocked you only stayed in hospital for only 3 days after the C-section? That's crazy short. I gave birth (vaginal birth without complications) to my son in Switzerland and stayed 4 days. Crazy how different are post-birth practices in different countries.
    Take a good care of yourself! Sending you and little Elliott big virtual hug!

  23. Helen v Walker

    What a wonderful little boy you have! Being a parent is HARD work. You are doing great. Try to relax as much as you can and keep enjoying him!❤️

  24. a. randi

    So many influencers I've followed for so long are all going through the same thing! If you don't follow her, Samantha Ravndahl is from Vancouver area and talks about postpartum in her recent video <3 I am sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted. Try to focus on your family begin happy and healthy and Elliot being safe and home with you <3 Easier said than done for sure, but you'll get through this, lovely.

  25. Tara Tasse

    You’ve made it through the roughest period! There will be ups and downs but the first few months are the hardest. Don’t be tough on yourself, all your baby really needs is food, sleep and love and he’s already getting all of those. Sending positive vibes your way.

  26. Renata Novotná

    Thank you for being so open and raw about everything ❤ I'm not a mom, neither expecting yet but I'm here for this type of content now and this makes a difference 🙏🏻 you are a great mom and Elliot couldn't wish for better parents!

  27. The City and Beyond

    Congratulations again. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is nice to hear different perspectives on birth and it does seem like many birth plans get thrown in many people's cases. As time goes on, i am think you'll cope more and more as baby boy grows up health and well 😉

  28. An Alternate Perspective

    He's beautiful and congrats. I cried your whole video reliving my own didn't go as planned delivery with my first child. I am sorry yours didn't go as planned, but so glad he, you, and daddy are doing well. That first time standing up after a C section is a whole next level, I remember that too well.

  29. Potter Kelly

    Nadine congratulations, Elliott is beautiful! The birth stress will pass, baby is your main part of life. Have fun with him, they grow up so fast.

  30. Alicia Brown

    Why couldn't your doctor manually turn your baby into correct position? My last pregnancy my baby flipped from right position to breech, so my doctor flipped my baby back to right position.

  31. Michaela Olin

    Nadine, it’s okay to be upset about not having things go as planned. You can be happy to have him here and enjoying that, but have trauma from your experience. Both can exist and be true simultaneously. Seeking a support group or therapy can be very helpful in processing your emotions. Crying about it, feeling your feelings, doing whatever you have to do to cope is 100% normal and healthy. Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself. Sending lots of love.

  32. Nick F

    Congratulations Nadine and Matt! It’s crazy watching your videos because I discovered your videos from Shane and WoW when I was like 13!!!! And… Elliot will be awesome!

  33. Mike

    Hi nadine, I've just recently stumbled upon your channel (didn't realize you've continued to vlog). I've first seen your vlogs wayyyyy back in mid 2000s, and I'm happy to see you've grown a lot and even had a baby! You don't even look like you've aged that much. Happy for you and best of luck in your journey as a new mom.

  34. convergence

    I hope you are on the mend, great to see Kelowna is being modernized so Elliott will see a modern city as he grows,much love, take it easy 💗💗😘🇬🇧

  35. Anna Zabozlaeva

    I guess I never could thoroughly realize until now how much courage and effort it takes to become a parent.

  36. Leanne Edwards

    Just so you know you are doing good and you are good mom! I always needed to hear this when I had my son

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