Couple Living Full-Time on a 40ft Steel Sailboat in a Northern Climate

Taryn and Logan from Wayward Life Sailing are an ambitious couple who are living full-time aboard their 3rd sailboat where they’re learning, researching, and planning a future trip through the Northwest Passage.

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The couple both have experience welding, which is one of the reasons why they chose a steel boat. They also think it’ll be easier to repair in a range of temperatures compared to fiberglass, and it should also be sturdy enough to handle icy and uncharted waters.

In this video, they give us an honest look at their experience finding the perfect boat, learning to sail, living on a boat with a dog, and how the liveaboard experience compares to what they’d imagined it would be like (and there’s a boat tour of course!).

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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Taryn and Logan from Wayward Life Sailing

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43 Replies to “Couple Living Full-Time on a 40ft Steel Sailboat in a Northern Climate”

  1. cheriemonami

    Lovely couple and a great experience they are living. I get sea sick so it's not an option for me unless I stayed docked. But being hugged by ones environment is the best.

  2. La Moder de ARMY

    I love them both, they are very sincere and they learn from mistakes getting the best. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Stacy

    Hi Exploring, I love them both, they are very sincere and they learn from mistakes getting the best. <3333333

  4. vIBED oUT • Channel

    Wanted to say I think it can be difficult for a dog to be without a companion and without much to explore…

  5. butterflysrage

    I would love to go sailing around the world, but one question I've never seen answered by a youtuber is how one can get needed medication while sailing? Both my husband and I have a few meds that we need to take daily, for the rest of our lives, how difficult is it to deal with large amounts of meds when sailing (both from the "how do you store it so it doesn't get wet and ruined", and "how do you deal with declaring a thousand pills for the next year+ when you pull into port"?)

  6. Anna Morgan

    I just wanted to say that I took my dog and cat with me when I crossed the Atlantic by ship from Montreal to Copenhagen back in the early 70s. The ship had a special deck for pets and I forget how my dog relieved himself (the cats were in large cages) but I have pictures of him with a mile-wide grin on his face while in the background the ship is rolling in a huge wave while he is steadfast with his legs apart and loving it. Such great memories. Animals adapt but I am sorry to hear that their dog will not pee on the boat. Training as a puppy may have fixed that but maybe an animal behaviorist could help them out.

  7. Justin Snyder

    I have the fortune of having a boat in my yard I can learn on for free. Like buying a boat to repair and resell is a terrible idea especially if there's fiberglass damage.

  8. issecret1

    Having that rental property seems like a good backup plan, even if they say it isn't. I doubt at 60 or 70 they're still be able to live like this

  9. Anne Bell

    Beautiful to see a Canadian Flag onboard…wishing you the very best of what mother nature has to give you, EH…LOL

  10. Soaring Heart

    I want this life! Gosh, it seems like CA is the way to go. So beautiful. I love that boat too, its cost but has so much room. They are so perfectly fit for that lifestyle too. I wish I could go learn welding haha that is amazing! Go girl!

  11. Dawson Lewis

    haha, so too injured to work, but still cool to go snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing? Come on man. Just admit you want to work. Trust me, your girl already knows.

  12. Shawn Lunsford

    oh a buddy of mine I served with in the US Armed Forces Live on a boat year-round in Porta Rico dos this for his dog He got some of this rymar everblade 50 astroturf the dog gos 1 and 2 on this and he uses a hose to clean the number one-off and uses number 2 in a self-composting toilet which he later uses in his plants on his boat

  13. Fred Kruger

    Do an aluminum boat… done a similar thing with a 60ft motor sailer. Aluminum has some advantages over steel.

  14. DrakeParagon

    9:02 Ha, I feel this…deeply. So much work, but very much worth the effort. Lovely tour and a beautiful dog. Perhaps we'll see you out there one day. Fair winds to you. -Monique

  15. netteypatch

    The owner of sistership to my vessel did the Northwest Passage in 2009 (Victoria to Halifax). His book 'The New Northwest Passage' is a very good read. I have a copy, if you wish to read it. I'm in Canoe Cove

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