Couple Living Off-Grid on an Island in an Ultra Tiny Cabin

Phoebe and Mike are living in their self-built ultra tiny cabin that’s just 10 square meters or 108 square feet! It’s on a piece of boat access-only property and it’s fully off-grid with a rainwater catchment system, a wood stove, an outhouse, and a generator + battery bank for electricity. They had to bring all of the materials for their home using either a boat or a barge which added an extra layer of complexity to the project, but now that it’s built and set up, their life is cozy, comfortable and their monthly expenses are much lower than when they lived in the city.

You can follow Mike & Phoebe’s off-grid adventures here:

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38 Replies to “Couple Living Off-Grid on an Island in an Ultra Tiny Cabin”

  1. rungitu sodurqel

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  2. MsCarla Jefferson

    I love your choice of life style
    ✨💖✨You guys are awesome and beautiful…🙏…Take care, Carla

  3. Kyle Gray

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  4. Narine Limanoff

    I have watched this video 3 times. This is such a great story of tiny living. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Susan Mclain

    How wonderful for people who love this kind of living. It is not for me but, I support those who do. Best wishes.

  6. Land Elevated

    With what’s happening in the world today, some people chose off-grid living. Most of our customers prefer to leave the city and live near nature. We sell vacant land away from the city and we will be sharing this video with them to be inspired and get more ideas.

  7. Jacinda

    I don't understand building a tiny house if you have to have 3 other buildings for bathing, the bathroom and your refrigerator. Why not connect them for ease of use? But then maybe it's not tiny anymore?

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  9. Rebecca Pratt

    Love your style,Ms Phoebe check into a intergreat washer,had one in an apartment when myson was born,lifesavr,enjoy

  10. Sabrisams Fishing Official

    Tak ada anak² boleh lah duduk dalam rumah kecik macam ni. Nanti kalau anak dah ramai rumah kecik pun jadi tak muat. Nak tak nak kena jugak buat rumah yang lagi besar. Rumah kecik macam ni kalau setakat untuk buat konten youtube & untuk mencari populariti boleh lah. Tapi kalau untuk hidup beranak pinak memang keparit.

  11. momoparagon

    What a lovely cabin they've built. Cozy and comfortable and a nice use of space plus an adorable dog. I imagine a little vestibule outside the front door would help with those winter winds and rain. As for the laundry, I'd recommend checking out the WonderWash. My partner used one for about 6 years and it's a great way to wash clothes and a bit easier than the bucket/plunger method. Thanks for the tour!

  12. Enat P

    Wondering if there could be a structure built that would act as a buffer for the storm wind without obstructing the view? 🤔

  13. World Changing Videos

    This is great but still a lot of fossil fuel and gasoline use. Solar water and power would be a lot better.

  14. Kids Study Now

    You tricked that young lady to live in the woods with you…..a cutie pie like that will eventually move on with a modern man that has money. She don't have time playing in the yard…she needs the extra time being pleasured by a man who has time for her.

  15. Diane S

    I love the windows!!!! I would want my home to have a bathroom and shower and a way to better wash my clothing. BUT that is just my opinion. You are living your best life and that is what matters the most! Continued success and happiness.

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