I tried DMT…it was hell

I tried DMT…it was hell

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Can’t believe I’m actually releasing this video. But here goes!


And for the love of g, please remember SET AND SETTING.

0:00 – Why Am I Releasing This?
1:44 – The Dangers of Psychedelics
2:10 – Drugs and Judgement
2:44 – My Views on Substances
3:55 – What is DMT
5:30 – How I Was Exposed To It
6:30 – The Hell Story Starts
14:35 – Integration Starts
16:15 – My Development of Panic Attacks
18:00 – I Healed Myself, DMT Destroyed Me
24:45 – The Loop Closure
31:40 – My New Spiritual Journey

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All my love,
Sorelle Amore

48 Replies to “I tried DMT…it was hell”

  1. Sticks & Stuff Michigan

    If you are all about the spiritual growth you talk about here you should be ashamed of the click bait title you gave this video. Take a minute to think about what you are putting out there. I'm not surprised of your experience on dmt. It suits the narcissistic, attention seeker nature you have. I don't want to go with you, where you want to take me.

  2. A N

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I could resonate with a lot of learnings you have had on your journey, not sure where I am on the spiritual spectrum but I would like to think I am on the other side. I have realised understanding and accepting that you are never in control helps a lot. You are always going to find yourself in ambiguous chicken and egg situations – ground yourself with your values – no absolutes – there is no good and bad in this world. As humans we have limited capacity, and everything we know is going to lead you down to contradictions which can only be solved by not being a human – it is an impossible task while we are still alive. It is hard to not get depressed when you realise these things and how the world really works – there is light at the end of the tunnel once you are at peace with yourself – be kind to yourself – its ok not have any purpose in life – it's a human concept anyway – there is too much importance in this world on being human – by not existing we can have a better purpose by giving animals a chance – so that way by dying we are meeting some purpose in a sense. lol. I guess I am getting side-tracked by our own insignificance. For me, trying to surround myself with good hearted positive people, having some tangible goals to keep myself busy, trying to help someone in need and loads of different experiences – gives me a lot of joy and I guess is enough to spend the rest of my life in peace and happiness. I hope my comment is of value in some way.

    PS: Your post actually makes me wonder can DMT and psychedelics help in entertainment kind a way – not for any healing or spiritual journey – just some entertaining experience like a theme park.

  3. Pammy

    Tysm for sharing and being open and vulnerable with us. 🙌🏽💕

    I really appreciate your emphasis on set & setting. As a practitioner and space holder myself, set & setting has been paramount along with intention and proper integration afterward.

    After a handful of Aya experiences, I unfortunately/fortunately learned the hard way of the importance of integration. I'm so glad you've found your community in LA! Finding a great community of people where I felt seen and heard saved my life. Without community I have no idea where I would be right now.

    Thank you again 🙏🏽💕

  4. Rick Estrada

    I think those entities just wanted to show her something. When you're on psychedelics you have to let yourself go and never resist. They just wanted to show her something that would have without any doubt beautiful and calming for her, but if you went to a similar experience I recommend you to try the app headspace so you'll feel better every day at a time.

  5. Sidnie Santos

    That Ego mannn…going into any psychedelic experience thinking you are the shit/untouchable will create a nightmare. The more you fight it off, the more it will pillage you and rip you to shreds until you are nothing. DMT is not a party drug. Guys be CAREFUL. Work on yourself first do the research, intention, setting etc.. . Understand that what you view as important in life might not be when you complete your trip. Money, popularity, the desire to be validated, your average 9-5…it was stripped away from me. I've benefited greatly but approach with caution.

  6. Ricardo Penders

    Be careful what you whish for, you don't want to be here forever. I think there are better places than here on earth.
    No it's not sad for her that she took her own life, she's free now.

  7. Teddy Bear

    All you had to do was go with them 🤦🏾‍♂️then entities are specifically there for YOU. you'll always comeback that's whole point of drugs they wore off lol. Can't really blame you tho cause you didn't know

  8. James Fakhoury

    About a year ago now I had one of the most traumatic experiences of my life on psychedelics, my experience different yet the way you explained the trauma you had gone through and the healing process you wen’t through reminds me a lot of my own. I would like to sincerely thank you for speaking about such a vulnerable part of your life and sharing it, as I understand how truly reality shattering the experiences can be, I know you also did it for your own healing but it is genuinely inspiring to see someone come back from an experience like that and find the positive within it and find ways to touch the spiritual without the need to use substances like these. Thank you <3

  9. Connor Rekdahl

    You have to trust these experiences, they won’t misguide you. No need to worry about what might’ve happened if you would’ve surrendered because your spirit is fundamentally protected(but your physical form not so much) and things aren’t how they seem anyways so you may have went to a very far away dimension but it doesn’t mean you’d stay there(before death, but even after you inhabit that place temporarily before your next birth). They are just trying to show you the origin and the infinite-ness of the spirit(consciousness). But the main message is to trust, not in just the experiences but also the world as a whole. There is so much all of us don’t know and to worry would be presuming that we do know. Most of us don’t have a clue…

  10. Joefest99

    I work in a field in which I encounter people who’s lives are ruined and have died because of drugs, every single day. I see their photos from a year or two before the usage, and the way they look now. I have seen the most beautiful young women – model looking – look like haggard, old grandmothers, missing teeth, hair, bags under their eyes, deep lines in their faces and their brains ruined – VERY QUICKLY.

    People don’t know just how bad it is. Let’s not be too quick to remove demonization of drug use. It saves some lives. I’m not necessarily talking about demonizing the person, but the act of taking drugs needs to be looked at cautiously, and warrants SOME demonization.

    Let’s not lie to young people saying “It’s judgemental” to be against drugs. That comment could be the one small push that changes their mind. You could be sending them to their death and wrecking the happiness of their family members forever. It’s that serious.

  11. Alice Maniezki

    It might sound stupid… but I had a very similar experience with marijuana muffins when I was 19…never did drugs before and I ended up having panic attacks for 4 months and suffered from occasional attacks until 5/6 years after.. I also developed a horrible fear of death and suffered from PTSD… this entire thing sucks I completely agree with you. I cannot imagine what effect psychedelics would have had on me. I am so glad you made it through this. I sometimes still go to therapy for general anxiety… but in a way all this made me way more reflected, and nuanced. So at least I got something good out of it… thanks for being so open about your experience.

  12. albinnn4

    I also did DMT as my very first psychedelic experience. And just like you I had little to no prep. I did however have a lot of interest in eastern philosophy/spirituality and was already trying to rid myself of the ego.
    I remember letting go near the end of my trip, and I think that saved me, I got to see what existence was like without hopes, fears or expectations. The rest I pushed waaaaaay back down the repression hole. I woke up EVERY NIGHT with cold sweats for 3 months having visions of unimaginable things that left my consciousness as soon as I opened my eyes.
    Just like you I went from disliking life to fearing death. And even though I was an emotional wreck I do see the major difference it made for my personal growth. I just don't know if I'd ever submit anyone to that kind of process even if it leads to becoming a better person and dissolving the ego slightly. It's like submitting a child to abuse on the off chance it might make them a more emphatic and understanding person when they grow up.

  13. Cezary Michna

    if only things like this were legal so people could facilitate safe spaces and conditions for people to explore their consciousness

  14. GapYear

    The fact that you did not know what it was before! I am so sorry. Someone told me their story with it and it convinced me never!!

  15. Nox

    I took shrooms 2weeks after my first breakup and it spiraled. It started out cool, lookin at wood and the fridge magnets, then I started balling really ducking loud, goin thru all my deepest sad feelings and ended up texting him not knowin what to do. And after a few words were said, I decided to never contact him again and that was almost 2 years ago. Tho my friend started crying cause everything I was saying about my confusion and depression she left the room and I just felt alone af. But grateful for that experience and strength I’ve gained since

  16. Vantastic3 Dolph

    Trick is to recognize that you should despise the idea of allowing into yourself the victims mindset. Control freaks generally dwell in the easily triggered victims mode. They lack the trust and belief in themselves to simply just allow freeingly. Like how I just made up the word "freeingly", I simply allowed it. Remember this, real pleasure always requires release. Really glad you're doing ok and from now on always respect the trip before you go.

  17. Mario Luijer

    I have seen you before in a youtube video somewhere, I actually don't remember anything of that anymore.

    I did psychedelics too, not DMT but LSD and mushrooms. In my case it has been my real life that was without love, not even from my mother, and allthough I allways looked quite OK I guess, I couldn't connect to a girlfriend or a woman, so no love supply from that source either. So I did drugs because I felt a little love and a good time.

    Things you say about our evil environment, people hurting each other just for fun, or because they got hurt so they feel triggers to hurt others, weil all of that got me straight in to a decade of the most heavy depressions. So heavy this shouldn't actually even exist some how.
    I just wanted to say that if there ever would come a woman into my life, allthough I think I will have to leave this place where I allways lived with all the bad experiences, let it be a woman like you. With your experiences, I would enjoy conversations with you so much. Damn, you are funny and supersexy too. Oh, I feel like falling in love allready, I better quit this clip now.
    It's the second time I am watching it today anyway. Oh, I got out of this depression 2014, I am OK now. I had even three really good and succsessfull years lately, untill I got scammed from my very own Dad. I mean so badly like no one ever did before, but I will fight till whatever comes to survive. Oh, btw. would you like to marry me?😊🙄😉
    I am a Dutch guy living in Germany, so if you'ld a change in life, here is another option.
    I see and feel the love in you.
    Love you.

  18. Lil Goat

    Damn I started on lsd n shrooms I’ve done them both heavy but I haven’t had the balls to trip on dmt. High doses on lsd n shrooms have taken me totally other places but dmt sounds wild

  19. WayneThePoet

    The 60s early 70s were a very experimental time for me and my friends. Our young crowd were mainly creatives – painters, musicians, photographers and writers. Hippie-ish longhairs, except we all had a strong work ethic. Today at age 68, I have been a long time poet and photographer – among many creative career fields.

    For 35 years, until retirement last year, I made a living as a creative, and I believe those early trips threw the doors wide open on my ability to comprehend the deeper metaphors of human existence. The experiences allowed more, I could see something like love, touch its most tender reflections, and articulate its truer essence. Art revealed itself as the pinnacle of life. I remember walking between the notes of a Jimmy Page guitar solo…

    My experiences in this realm were always good, and I can absolutely say, made me a much better human being, to this very day. EVERYONE is beautiful and wants the same from life.

    Somehow, we knew right from the beginning that these journeys were to expand our understanding of the human experience, and particularly our creative drive.

    And, it’s important to note, we never tied the experiences to any “spiritual” understanding or level or other world stuff. That connection was for those who thought it might be a vehicle for verifying god or experiencing mysticism. We heard about those directions later, as our knowledge into the ancient historical background of substance rituals grew.
    I’ve never been religious, I have no subconscious fears of hell and all the terrifying things religions indoctrinate us with. So things like those you experienced, are never a part of the journey. My chemical dreams are about love, beauty and creativity, so that’s all that played out for me. No other fearful doors miraculously opened up to take me away, because that is not something stored in my brain or jumping around on my synapses.
    The reality of it is an enhancement for knowledge, and the randomness of dreams, not a portal to a frightful fiction of spirits. In fact, I’m afraid for those consumed by religion, who experiment with these powerful substances. The mix, with the fear and guilt of mystical doctrine, would not be good.

    For me, it was one of the great transformations of my life.

    Great video, it brought back a lot of things I hadn’t thought about in a long time.

  20. F Vegas

    As a long term tripper I wouldn't suggest someone going from a few puffs of weed straight to DMT or the cactus. I'd liken that to having a few beers then trying heroin. Like 1/4 of some lsd would be a good jumping off point. lsd or a little mdma wouldn't do that to you at all. You always know you're in this reality and always can tell yourself 'I'm on drugs.'

  21. mediabox

    Look not mournfully into the past, it comes not back again. Wisely improve the present, it is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear and with a manly heart.

  22. Little Goblin Jr

    When you go pure ego death and let go. It all makes sense. These experinces can be scary because we are still attached to the body the ego. If you were in soul form it would be easier

  23. Little Goblin Jr

    Dmt isn't a drug at all. It's a natural body producing substance though it isn't clear why it is produced in the brain.

  24. Jeff S

    Thank you for sharing this. I have been curious about DMT for a while. I still am, but your experience definitely puts it in a different perspective.

  25. Jay Mantis

    thanks for sharing. i did DMT for the first time about 2 weeks ago and had a pretty bad time. i smoked from the pipe and suddenly i lost all motor skills and hand/eye coordination. i was trying to put the pipe down on the table but couldnt. i woke up on the floor with little to no memory of anything covered in puke. i basically took way too much and my body shut down to protect itself. id do it again and do it right next time but not for a while

  26. emm

    What i do when i'm worried about anything is i talk to Jesus and pray and it really helps. Also you can speak to him in your mind, he will protect you, just ask him to protect you x

  27. Miguel Angel

    I think spiritually speaking the come down effect after the peak is the most powerful part of the journey. Self reflection and completely letting go of the mental resistance is the reaffirmation i seek for in my own personal experience. I am grateful for being able to wake up and experience life for what it is and not for what i Feel it should be. Excuse my rant but i felt your experience through your video and you are awesome for showing this .

  28. 大城谷良輔

    When I smoke changa(maybe low dose) . I was like shaming monkey. I saw between fingers. And important things in my heart. Then I smoke cigarette. When I come down. I saw nice guy and girl exchange high price love. And I thought they want to get my money.
    When I smoke bufo (low dose). My heart smiled. My thoughts started to follow me. And I knew how and where my thoughts complicated. Cigarette complicate there and difficult to stop.
    And I have anxiety any triptamine now.

  29. Lillian L

    Darling Sorelle, I just wanted to share with you, without any expectation of you actually reading this, that the journey to spirituality doesn't require any kind of psychedelic, if you so wish….🤍
    Your intention will be sufficient…just say what you would like…🥰🌻

  30. Destiny McGregor

    wow. i recently had a very similar experience. Took a marijuana edible and it was laced with psychadelics. Thought I was dying and have been having panic attacks for 3 months now. Ended up in the ER 5 times. It sucks. Thank you for this.

  31. Charlie Jones

    From ancient times to the present, following the downslide of a society's morality in the final phases of any prehistoric culture, the phenomenon of people taking drugs has always emerged. What has been revealed to me at my level of cultivation, drugs did not first emerge in the human dimension. Rather, they actually originate in the world of demons.

    They are poison from Satan. This poison is light blue, and very similar to the composition of Satan's blood. Moreover, this poison is extremely stimulating and corrosive in nature. Satan evolves this poison into all sorts of different types. Reflected into our everyday people's dimension, they take the form of all sorts of drugs that humans know about. The demon king spread his drugs all throughout the various dimensions within the Three Realms, so it is not just Earth that has drugs. In aliens' systems, they too have different kinds of drugs.

    Under the hallucinative effects of the drugs, their souls are then able to leave their bodies and enter other dimensions. Owing to the vastly different composition of alien bodies vs. human bodies, drugs have a comparatively less harmful effect and influence over their own alien bodies than human bodies. In history, those aliens who came to Earth also brought with them their drugs to spread to humans, with the purpose of destroying human beings' willpower so they can become the rulers of this Earth. In this special historical period, the aliens from different dimensions in the Three Realms who fled to Earth are manipulating humans' thoughts to research the chemistry of drugs.

    Full article:


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