The REAL Reason I Haven't Uploaded on Youtube in 8 Months…

This past year has been weird. I’ve learned a lot. Spending some time away from Youtube gave me time to reflect and reevaluate my intentions. In this video, I explain what’s been on my mind and the REAL reason why I haven’t shared a video on Youtube in 8 months.

Special thanks to Allon Avgi and Carmen Arroyo for teaching me so much in 2020. Spending such quality time around you both has opened my mind in new ways that I wasn’t expecting. Thanks for everything.

If you want to follow their journeys and see some of the content I created with them, find them here:



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23 Replies to “The REAL Reason I Haven't Uploaded on Youtube in 8 Months…”

  1. yogita dadhich

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  2. Lifetime Travelmates

    Wise words.
    Youtube would be a healthier and less toxic and full of bullsh**t place if more channels reflected like you just did.

    Good to have you back around here!

  3. Talented Superfan

    Wondered what you were up to. Good to hear from. Looks like you learned a lot about yourself during this time. Happy to see you back with a true passion! Posts those Bogota videos please! 🇨🇴✌️

  4. Emma Cohen

    This video is everything – vulnerability and relatability. Everyone has gone through some shit during this pandemic, you've made the best of what life has thrown at you! Keep on creating and exploring! Hopefully soon we will get to see those Columbia videos!! Enjoy Mexico can't wait to see more!

  5. Sam Ketofueled

    I thought YouTube quit showing me your videos,glad your back and we now have a little more insight to what your life is really like..I myself had covid in January and it really took a while to get myself back to where I want to be…Good luck Steve

  6. Alice Harvey

    Steve, you are the reason I felt inspired to travel a few years back! I spent the last 2 and a half years living in Vietnam and Korea and seeing a lot of Asia and had the absolute best time, so thank you! I loved how real you were on the balcony and your passion is what inspired me in the first place 🙂

  7. lane herrlinger

    Your a genuine dude!!! I think what your saying is sooo important!!!! Soo many people create just to get views

  8. CocoaButterTravel

    So just discovered you and your channel through clubhouse! And I can really appreciate the fact that you have humbled yourself and are trying to get back to creating content primarily for yourself! Now I guess I have done catching up to do on this channel 😂

  9. Follow The Sun

    I have always appreciated your authenticity, Steve. It's refreshing. Also, has anyone told you that you look like a young Anthony Kiedis of RHCP?

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