NYC is DEAD FOREVER (2021 update)

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20 Replies to “NYC is DEAD FOREVER (2021 update)”

  1. Bhavya Oza

    It’s not dead at all the apartments prices right now are higher than ever Times Square is jam packed!!

  2. April Denise

    I’ll be going to New York in December do you have to have you’re vaccination card with you at all times to get into any stores?

  3. Amy Lee

    We cancelled our trip to NYC. Vaccine mandate today, tomorrow who knows. Too bad. Husband bought gold instead.

  4. boskovski

    new york – the city of rats, questionable taxidermy art, abandoned animatronics, cars, and a bunch of other stuff. questionable stuff.

  5. Holli S.

    NYC was dead before covid and now it’s even worse. There’s nothing to stay for. No really. I can’t wait to move. It’s a shell of what it was even just back in 2010.

  6. morgan madison

    I think people are tired of paying such how the rents by doing jobs that aren't worth it, combined with people working from home outside NYC who no longer want to pay so much for housing or deal with increasing crime.

  7. Hayesy

    As a Brit. Nyc is far from dead. It’s just your politicians holding lockdowns for no reason. An travel to the us has been closed. But from November brits will be allowed back then the rest of the world won’t be far behind.

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