What $2,800 gets you in the Bushwick, Brooklyn | NYC Apartment Tours

Buzzed In: A Look Into NYC Apartments Ep 8 | Today we’re visiting Tara (@tarmarz) in Bushwick to see her studio.

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Welcome to Buzzed In! I’m taking you around NYC to get to know the different neighborhoods and get an inside look at some of the raddest apartments around.

Another Bushwick apartment tour:
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34 Replies to “What $2,800 gets you in the Bushwick, Brooklyn | NYC Apartment Tours”

  1. MrSundayNighttt

    2800 for a studio, INSANITY. There are places in queens NY where u can get a 1 bedroom for 1500. SMH : |

  2. Tania Lee

    Wow, I have two bedrooms, a basement, backyard and an office for less than this price about five minutes away.

  3. Joyce Hamilton

    Do i detect an Irish accent? Fab apartment! Hugs from Scotland! X Just discovered you DO come from Ireland! 😀x

  4. Rayne Pires

    Bushwick is my favourite NY neighbourhood. Got a tattoo at Memorial Brooklyn the last time I was there. Also loved the brunch at Sea Wolf!

  5. Kendra M.

    I think the neighborhood history would be enhanced by including the history of indigenous people, and the history of African Americans in Brooklyn.

  6. Tyler G.

    wtf $2,000? in BUSHWICK? Lmao this city really dont care about people who only make minimum wage/doesnt make enough to afford this, sad to see the city tunring into a playground for the rich. I would love to stay here but I'm not about to pay thousands for a tiny ass shoe box, yall have fun with that tho!

  7. C F

    Love her minimalist style, it's not the typical you'd see and has clean lines but also character.

    Also, according to some research…." Canarsee (Canarsie) was a Brooklyn tribe of Lenape, part of the Delaware Nation that lived in most of what became Kings and Queens counties. Their primary occupation was hunting and gathering with specialties in fur trading and fishing. The name Canarsee in the Algonkian or Lenni language means “fenced in community.”

    So this tribe also extended throughout queens and bk for "history"

  8. Gunai Tarde

    Hi Elena, love your style for editing videos. wanted to know what editing software do you use for the same and music libraries

  9. santosj1

    May I ask how much you spent on painting the floor white? And the process – was it primer, epoxy paint, sealant? Such a beautiful space!

  10. C. X. P

    This is my favourite series on this channel! ❤️Love how you’re learning more about doing the history section as well. Would love to hear more about the indigenous history of places as well.

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