What It's Like Living With Roommates As A Landlord In My 20's

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What it’s like living with roommates! When I bought my house I knew that I would want to have roommates. It’s great financially, but more than that I just wasn’t ready to live alone. But owning the home and having tenants definitely takes a little adjusting!

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27 Replies to “What It's Like Living With Roommates As A Landlord In My 20's”

  1. Crisanna Sutphin

    This video is sooo good. Ya that roommate was young. She hasn’t experienced what it’s like living with people doing what she did. Back when I was 18-21 I never thought about that. As you get older you have a better internal compass and they comes with experience.

  2. Miranda Terrell

    The framed photo of her and her bf on the mantel took me out. Like… thank you for setting this up so nicely. Here’s MY contribution to this masterpiece.

  3. Jeff Harper

    Monica this video exemplifies why I subscribed to your channel originally and why I have notifications activated: you look like glamour, but you have down-to-earth sensibilities (imo). Additionally, you impart a lot of information in your vlogs while remaining highly entertaining (again my opinion).

  4. sleeepyt

    It’s funny seeing people comment that they think Monica is a strict landlord. I live in San Francisco and there’s landlords that rent JUST a room, no kitchen/ living room and shared bathroom for over $1000 a month lol so many expensive scam rooms here. Her place seems like a pretty good deal

  5. Jenny Hammond

    I'm only half way through the video, but….I do the exact same thing you do, but there are ALL kinds of rules, mostly adding them because someone did them. Don't put flammable things in the dryer. Don't have a different guy from Tinder that you JUST met over every night; they don't need to know where I live. I've only had a couple good people rent out my rooms. Because of that, it is very awkward having to "get on to them" because I live with them. No, your boyfriend cannot stay the night every night rent free and without paying utilities, and come do his laundry for free. Yes, you have to clean your PRIVATE bathroom and no, I don't believe you that you cleaned it when I literally had to pour half a container of bleach in the toilet in it and let it soak over night to get it clean.
    I do have a fee for paying late. It's very awkward asking for rent and a late fee. Otherwise, I agree that it isn't weird that they pay me their rent. Sorry if I comment again after I keep watching.

  6. Lisa Hahn

    freakishly satisfying to watch you clean your floor! Now I gotta get out there and mop my floors!! We also have a dog; floors can never be "clean" with a dog. 😉

  7. Jensen A

    Well now would of thought that Cow was freeloader! lol I love that dog, he is so sweet. I really liked this video and it is a smart idea for anyone and it pays off your mortage. I did it when I was young as well. It is nice that you are teaching people so they can do it properly. Btw, nice hair.

  8. jessica wise

    Omg I had roommates that were like that too. They would take over the kitchen and sprawl out on the couch for hours as well. It got to point where i had to reserve the living room to watch something on the TV. It was annoying but what you going to do.

  9. Roxy Roller

    I agree about the scent thing! I lost my sense of smell and taste 4 years ago due to a brain tumor and I never realized until I lost them how much is effected by it.

  10. Anne M

    Definitely an interesting perspective to hear, as I think in this situation I would end up being a bit of a control freak about looking after what belongs to me. I've rented with others, but can't imagine being the landlord too.
    As a student I had a flatmate who was nice, funny and the same age, but definitely a "date night in the living room" type, or taking over the dinner table when I was trying to eat there. She'd host parties without the other 3 of us agreeing, and got us into a sticky situation by agreeing to rent another year with us and then pulling out.
    Then our new flatmate we pulled out of a student housing fb group, she moved in having met only one of my other flatmates. Never found out her age, but think she was about 5-10 years older than us and turned out to be the perfect flatmate. Turned out that from a previous experience she had vowed never to live with a 19yr olds again, only to move in with 19yr old me and my two 20yr old flatmates – but we turned out to be much more suitable roommates.
    From this I would say I couldn't judge off age but totally agree that anyone lying about it isn't right – just gotta be respectful to each other and with having people over and taking care of communal areas!

  11. Wendy Chen

    I feel the same way about being alone BUT I only feel that way with people that I am comfortable with or that are my family. When my family goes on a trip, it is TOO quiet or empty. Although I see that it is financially beneficial to rent a room to someone, I don't think I could share that space with someone because I would be afraid that I am in their way. I am also too introverted for that…unless it's family or friends that I wouldn't mind living with. Kudos to your for that bravery and trusting your gut! Also, I would not trust that girl either. She lied so easily about something…who knows what else she lied about.

  12. Jade

    id love to know how you came up with the rent you charge, is it different per room, do you plan to increase every year for escalation/etc?

  13. Monalisa Menno

    I want to move to Seattle but I have a senior German shepherd super chill and not a barker, do you have a room for me?

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