I Want To Move… | Millennial Life Crisis

Lately, I have been feeling a little stuck, which has led me to consider moving… Real Estate Channel:
To contact me about Real Estate: monicachurch@cbbain.com
My new fridge:
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49 Replies to “I Want To Move… | Millennial Life Crisis”

  1. Nina

    you should try climbing as a new sport! climbing halls for bad weather, outside rock climbing in good weather 🙂

  2. Jessica Packard

    Did you know the Nordstrom downtown is closing 😖 at least that’s what I heard last.. next closest is Alderwood Mall

  3. Hal Barber

    Funny you should mention a moth.

    A moth goes into a podiatrist's office.

    "Hi Mr. Moth, what seems to be the problem today?"

    "I wish it was just one problem, Doctor. My wife cleaned out my bank account, packed up our kids and left me. Then I lost my job and I just got an eviction notice. I'm at the end of my rope and I'm afraid I might even hurt myself."

    "I'm sorry your having so much trouble. I wish I could help you, but I'm a podiatrist and you need a psychologist. Why did you come to my office?"

    "The light was on."

    Sorry, I had to do that.

  4. Dominic's Curiosity

    OK first I feel the same/do the same thing with license plates and I thought it was so funny when you pronounced your license plate actually laughed out loud but also I might be crazy but at 16:35 is that girl walking behind you wearing the same jersey as you 😂

  5. Katrina Mcintosh

    Omg I live in MA and we have that moving company too!!! Ahahah I didn’t know it was all over!

  6. Kathleen Kinchen

    I went to a Mariners game in 2018 when it was still called Safeco stadium…didn't even realize the name changed until this

  7. Frida Garcia

    Would you have ever bought an actual working fridge if a company hadn’t sent you one for free? Lol

  8. Annie Cambern

    Girl downtown is awful. So many inconveniences, walking your dog in a filthy city everyday is so dirty. It's cheap right now and there is a reason, is very dangerous

  9. bossalou

    You should try curling which is a sport. Check out any learn to curl events at the Granite Curling club in Seattle. It's so fun.

  10. misuniversal

    ive been going past downstown quite a lot in my bfs car for the past 2 month or so. its been amazing, i m located in uk nd hes frm seattle. I like a lot of things about this city, theres more homeless ppl than in uk tho. but it def has its charm!

  11. Lin-z Chang

    I feel like I haven't seen any of your vlogs in a minute! Lovedddd the music in this one, such a vibe. You look so incredibly happy <3

  12. LeGreat

    Living downtown is fun for a few years. I would recommend renting in a modern building with views and rooftop amenities. You have to live the downtown experience to realize if it's for you long-term or not. For me, it wasn't but I'm glad I did it. I bought a home near Leschi/Mount Baker and never looked back. I can drive 10 min to downtown if I want, yet I have a nice backyard, it's quiet, there's parks and community gardens all around. It's also nice to not have to pay $300 a month for parking 🙂

  13. supply and distributions

    If you think Downtown Seattle is a small city, you definitely haven't been to Downtown Orlando LMFAO

  14. Ian Cochrane

    How is being a real estate agent lucrative wise in comparison to being a full time you tuber? What percentage of your income comes from real estate?

  15. Katy Ella

    Loved to see the softball! I play Ultimate frisbee (very beginner friendly) and it's cool to see another adult rec league!

  16. ダウン 無駄😘😘

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  17. Christina Engelhardt

    Hi, I have a question. My current lease on my apartment ends beginning of Dec. Can I start applying for apartments in seattle now? Is it too early? How early can I start applying? I just want to start early and apply to as many as I can since I know it might be difficult for me to find one

  18. Catalina

    I just got the urge to be super productive and at the same time go shopping and hair sallon and get my shit together

  19. Alena Pillitteri

    There’s no way she didn’t take film in high school this girl just knows what she’s doing

  20. HelloTravel

    💙💛❤️ HelloTravel 🆕 subscriber 😃👍👍👍👍👍👍🔔🌹

  21. Katherine George

    College Hunks Moving Junk originated here in Tampa. My friend used to nanny for the family who started the company (:

  22. mr beverly hills

    So I'm gonna be the one to say it. You need to come clean and admit you had a LOT of family help financially. Pimpin aint easy. To get where your at took a couple hundred thousand dollars of help Id bet.

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