Mind-Blowing Modular Shipping Container Home with Open-Concept Design – Full Tour

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This shipping container home has 1488 square feet of interior living space, and another 1488 square feet of exterior living space. It’s built with two cantilevered 8’x40′ high cube containers and a custom 12’x40′ container. The three containers are joined together by a steel-framed infill structure in the middle.

The containers are built on a helical pile foundation, they’re insulated from the inside and on the outside to prevent condensation and they have an HRV system to regulate air quality inside the home.

The interior design is a combination of industrial, modern, and rustic with exposed steel walls and beams, rough-cut lumber, and modern furniture and appliances.

This beautiful project was built by Northern Shield and you can find out more about them here:

You can also check out this cottage on Airbnb here:

A huge thank you to Steve, Joel, Angie, and the rest of the team who helped prepare the house for us to film it!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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47 Replies to “Mind-Blowing Modular Shipping Container Home with Open-Concept Design – Full Tour”

  1. GoddessWoman1

    What was the estimate and final price on this? We're looking to do this but it's hard to get pricing.

  2. Sloan

    What is the moronic need to make your home into a fish tank? Simply at night and most of the day people can see into the home and in this design from one side to the other. It is a non secure home that will be prone to theft. Not to mention privacy, maybe these two are into that voyuer life. Beyond the windows on everything it is nice.

  3. Smudgie33

    Amazing! This is one of the best houses I have ever seen. Love it! Even though it’s industrial, it’s really warm and cozy. ❤️

  4. slim jim

    I like the video but how about making the flop room a game room with a pool table in the center & or a dart wall 🌻

  5. Sharon McVeigh

    Beautiful home. I love container homes. They make so much sense. I hope to employ your services someday. 👍❤️

  6. Aaron Cabrera

    I love it, but it’s funny how they keep saying how inexpensive and simple the materials are, but I’m willing to bet this house is an easy million.

  7. Linda B

    The master bedroom would be better in the first floor with the balcony and views. The second bedroom has the best views and seems like just a spare room

  8. Channel Stats

    253 MILLION channel views – not bad ChannelStats for you guys! 👏There's more ChannelStats to explore plus a neat little video compilation of your journey from when your channel began. Enjoy! 😄

  9. X Ricsi

    I really like this house, very neat. Two questions. First one is about container houses generally: what about the radio signals? These are made of solid metal, can you use your mobile inside? I know, there are a lot of windows, but I think the metal parts somewhat block the radio waves. The second is what about those TV's outside? Are those weather proof? Never seen such solution before.

  10. Anh Nguyễn

    The threatening beam really charge because fired findingsinitially pump regarding a offbeat deposit. steadfast, doubtful swedish

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