What's in my hospital bag + my postpartum experience!

Wanted to share my #pregnancy #hospitalbag essentials! I hope this helps you mamas out there! Click HERE and use my code “TESS” to get 10% off the first 3 Months with Ritual! #ritualpartner
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31 Replies to “What's in my hospital bag + my postpartum experience!”

  1. Taylor Brielle

    I definitely felt ALL these emotions after birth, the first two weeks were the worst!!! We need more ladies like you speaking up on this so thank you for being so open with your experiences.

  2. Gina Marie DeMeo

    Thanks for sharing your experience with postpartum Tess! So crazy to see how these hormone changes effect you!

  3. Morgan Chambers

    I’m 23 weeks pregnant and having been obsessed with watching all of your videos. 😍 Is that a name necklace you’re wearing?! I’ve been on the hunt for one, and would love to know where yours is from!

  4. Emmaley R. Silva

    ugh thanks for being so honest about postpartum. I'm 7 weeks, almost 8 weeks PP and I went through exactly the same thing you're describing.

  5. Areli B.

    As a two time unexpected c-section mom, you’re still going to want the spray bottle and tucks pads. After a long labor that ended in surgery, my nether regions still experienced trauma and needed extra help. (On top of the trauma from the surgery….fun times.) Also, a belly band is a must! The hospital gave me one both times, but it definitely helped despite have surgery. I preferred the one the hospital gave me bc it was specifically for c-section mamas vs vaginal.

  6. Taylor Petrosky

    I would recommend still getting some of the frida mom postpartum care- I had an urgent c section but still had some vaginas trauma from pushing for four hours and needed some healing for that area as well

  7. Chislev

    Why would you not be allowed to drink water… You're in labor, you're basically doing some real hard physical exercise – hydration does seem very important… That's so strange to me, I'm glad this rule does not exist in the Netherlands cause it makes 0 sense to me at all…

  8. Lauren Burgess

    The first 1-2 weeks of crying is so full on! I was so embarrassed at the time, if anyone was nice and comforting then I'd cry even more 😅

  9. Devyn Yelko

    Enjoyed this video. I love that you were honest and gave some good insight! ❤️ the fourth trimester is Real and hard. I cried soooo much after both of babies and I didn’t know why or how to control it. My first I had pp anxiety badddd. Second go around much better, hoping it’ll be the same for you ❤️

  10. missmegs

    aww yes ive heard baby blues is a real thing, and my mom said she also cried the first week a lot when she had me. thanks so much for sharing and it's incredible to see you in this stage of your life. theo is so lucky to have u both!

  11. Csilla Sz.

    This is so helpful! As a first time momma to be, I need all the tips and recommendations. So thank you for this video! Much love to you and your sweet family💕

  12. Honestly Abby Sparks

    My hospital gave me one bag of pads when I ran out I had to use my own, bringing my own was always crucial! They also don’t provide socks always brought my own of those and slippers

  13. M VG

    I love how real you are about pregnancy delivery and postpartum you are I love to hear your real feelings and how you and pat are handling everything I have learned soooo much about your hole process
    Thank you for this

  14. Mindy Coolidge

    I had the exact same postpartum experience as you! The extreme emotions and crying is so so wild! I truly wish more people would talk about this!! intrusive thoughts PPA is so real! Just had my first son a few weeks after Theo <3

  15. Sunnylife

    Love this, great idea doing a what's in my bag post partum as opposed to before giving birth. What you want/actually end up using is very different coming out of it than going into it. Also want to note, because I literally see this with every "what's in my hospital bag video", not all hospitals provide the things you think they will provide. Just a PSA for anyone watching this who is not from the USA. I think generally yes hospitals will provide these things but every hospital and country is different. Example the hospital I gave birth at did not provide baby wipes. They gave facecloths to use instead to be more eco-conscious. Great idea in hindsight but I had twins and it was a real pain as a first time mom to clean those sticky meconium poops with a rough hospital facecloth. And have to keep running back and forth to the bathroom to rinse it and wash it and come back. Had I known they wouldn't provide wipes I would of brought my own. Long story short, do the hospital tour if you can and ask questions. Some hospitals also have list's of what they provide on their websites…

  16. Im simp you simp we simp

    I cant believe it we’ve come along way i start to watch your videos when you were in college doing morning routine and now ur married and have a baby boy 💕😭😭

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