40ft Shipping Container Converted into Amazing Tiny House – Full Tour

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This modern garden suite home is built with a single 40-foot used shipping container. With 320 square feet of indoor living space, the house is fully equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and laundry, as well as a covered porch, back deck, and access to a backyard garden. All on one level, it’s a great option for a secondary dwelling for a family member or as a rental unit. Take a full video tour of this modular prefab tiny house with us!

This beautiful build was designed and created by Adam from West Coast Container Homes in Victoria, BC Canada. You can find out more about them here:

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Mat & Danielle


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36 Replies to “40ft Shipping Container Converted into Amazing Tiny House – Full Tour”

  1. Ziabis Oh

    Excellent quality video. Can I ask about all the windows and doors. They look very heavy duty. Can you give the name of the maker please? As well, are the windows and door outset or inset from the wall. I mean, are they flush with the inside or the outside?

  2. beautifulcrazy

    Only thing I worry about with containers is the energy/aura of the space having steel as the structure. Has anyone got any thoughts on this?

  3. Kat Snow

    This is gorgeous, I love everything they did to make this beautiful and it is stunning (love the birch wall paper) ……………but having lived in a house that was 9 feet wide for 10 years, I can honestly say don"t!!!! For most people this sounds great, looks great, but it isn't!! All you do is crash into each other all the time and as for having family or friends over…………what bust that was!!

  4. Eric Langlois

    I’m going to build something like this in my backyard; this is a lot more fancy than what I’m going for but I’m curious how much this build cost to get a ballpark.

  5. fractode

    Is there any impact on the container's structural integrity by removing so much of the structure for windows, doors, etc.?

  6. Mario Lavareda

    Boa NOITE uma ótima casa espaçosa e muita luz DE torna uma casa imensa estilo do telhado maravilhoso AMEI .

  7. Just Me

    i don't get it… all these shipping container houses… they look good on camera… but they are soooooo small… claustrophobic even… its cheaper and better to build a shed and convert that to a home

  8. Hazel M

    You’re amazing and I’m very interested in having you build me a container home. Thank you for sharing… I’m in Ontario.

  9. L S

    I wonder if those need foundation , or can they just place it randomly anywhere it's leveled and can be hooked to electricity and water

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