Controversial Pizza & Canadian Cookies 😳 | Auckland Eats Ep.02

In Auckland we’re still essentially locked down, so there’s more food on the menu! In this vlog we’re hunting out a controversial pizza and some super popular Canadian cookies ❤️ This is episode 2 of our Auckland eats and… ⬇ More Below ⬇

It’s a good day to eat some more food! As the lockdowns continue we’re back with another Auckland Eats vlog checking out some more cool local New Zealand businesses and their kai.

First we’re checking out Point Chev Cookies — home made Canadian cookies with love. Then it’s to Lilian, an amazing restaurant, but with a pizza that might not be for everyone… but you have to try it!

This is an amazing time to be showing some love to small local businesses that have had it tough during lockdowns, so get out there and grab some food from your local and show them some love. Check out todays eats:
— Point Chev Cookies:
— Lilian (pizza):

Disclaimer — Some footage in this video may have been supplied by Tourism NZ, Storyblocks and/or local RTO’s for shots we otherwise couldn’t get, eg with drones.

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Now we spend most of our time in New Zealand, experiencing our own country through the eyes of a tourist and sharing that all here, with you.

And for what it’s worth, it’s pronounced Dane-Ger, aka Danger… not Dan-E-Ger 😱

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26 Replies to “Controversial Pizza & Canadian Cookies 😳 | Auckland Eats Ep.02”

  1. Fabiola Croes

    I think grapes on pizza makes sense. After all, they also serve grapes on cheese platters, right? 😄 Those cookies looked really good too. You've made me hungry!

  2. dunnowy123

    "Canadian style" laughs in Canadian I have never heard of a Canadian style cookie, but if those gooey, lumpy cookies have 🇨🇦 associated with them, I'm fine with that

  3. Rorydriftman 180sx r34 silvia Wilkinson

    fish an chips an brugers shops in auckalnd new zealand. an have some subaway

  4. Aisling Crotty

    Mind BLOWN by the grapes on pizza! Friday night is pizza night in my house and I know I have some grapes hanging around somewhere… 😏

  5. Bucket List Travellers

    we're all for pineapple, but we've never tried grapes before… sounds weird, but it could work 😋

  6. Tim Cordell

    Hello guys, I’m in the US, do you know if they ship the IPA brews? I’m a fan of the Hoppy, Citrusy beers. Thanks Tim C.

  7. Catherine de Seton

    Looked at Lilian menu – interesting combinations – thanks for sharing yours with us…I answered your question on Instagram about cafes to try out but beside Rampants, there is The Wardroom, and Humbug (don't know about this last one)

  8. Leah

    I agree that we tend to have softer, chewier cookies overall in Canada. Moving to NZ I was so disappointed with the typical crunchy biscuit here, but have grown to love them for dunking in my coffee!

  9. When Adventure Knox

    "We can technically go hunting now" This is too much!!! WHY?!? Why would that be one slight thing they'd lift… 🤣 The cookies looked amazing. I love salted caramel, but the Brioche one looked so unique, I'd have probably gone for that too. I would have been more than happy to eat that pizza with grapes on it 🍕

  10. ChrisEd

    I love what you’re doing. I visited this place called Bohemian fresh chocolates. Loved the chocolates and coffee there.

  11. Daniel May

    When I was in Auckland, Elliot stables was a great place to eat is basically a food village, don't know how it's operating in your level 3 though

  12. Rex Waldron

    These small businesses really deliver on originality, quality and authenticity. Grapes on pizza? I'm definitely in! Oh and if it makes Stacey feel any better, I can never wear white when I eat because I will 100% spill on it 🙂

  13. Honee2 Short

    Those cookies 🍪 looked amazing as well as the pizza 🍕 with grapes 🍇. 🥰🥰🥰 you both!

  14. Tanya Turuwhenua

    Thank you for the cookie tip! Looking forward to trying sooo much. One of the best choc chip cookies I have ever had was in Niagara (Canada goodness) and have always hung out for something good here at home since…yay

  15. The Kurious Kiwis

    You guys MUST try Doughnut Haus in Ranui. Yes you heard that right, Ranui in West Auckland. These are the BEST sourdough donuts you will EVER eat.

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