nyc diaries | new york fashion week, runway shows, clothing haul

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23 Replies to “nyc diaries | new york fashion week, runway shows, clothing haul”

  1. Natalia Kasten

    you breaking that egg with one hand with the highlight of that video, like what a talent, i could never 😂

  2. Alyssa Tran

    The wallet upgrade makes me so happy for you and the fact that you’re achieving all of your dreams 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  3. Jen B

    New York looks stunning in this video. Massive wanderlust right now. Your videos at the moment are on POINT! x

  4. Seventh Made

    I love that you share sustainable options. I haven't purchased from the real real yet but I love all of the options they offer/have! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I cannot wait to go to New York Fashion week.

  5. Gunai Tarde

    you have inspired me to start my own channel Elenaaaaa. when you said, that 20s are for figuring out what sticks on the wall, I took the leap. Love you

  6. Cynical Duchess

    OMG I was at spring studios on Friday and I interviewed a fashion photographer that casually walked into your frame at 7:57 lol. I am currently doing what you did a few years ago. I showed up, no one invited me, and I made connections just by being outgoing and taking to people. hopefully one day, I'll get to attend some shows as well.

  7. Julianna Walsh

    Omg I'm starting to recognize the places you go it's crazy!! I just got to NYU, could you do a video on adjusting to NYC?

  8. Rosie Music

    Tajín + eggs??? Thats a new one! Here in mexico we usually use Tajín for fruits, micheladas (Lemon juice + beer!)

  9. Maddison Haan

    Okay the pleated off-white pants you were wearing with the clothing haul…. I've been looking for the perfect ones FOREVER. What brand are they?! xx

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