This Floating Tiny Cabin is the Perfect Waterfront Escape – Full Tour

This is a full tour of a floating river bunkie in Bobcaygeon Ontario! It has a beautiful living room that is so close to the water, you could almost dive in from the couch! The loft has room to stand up in it and space to sleep 3 people, there is a bathroom on each level, the massive kitchen has excellent amounts of counterspace and storage, and the propane fireplace makes everything super cozy.

You can find out more about the floating river bunkies at Gordon’s Bobcaygeon Holiday Rentals here:

The cabin is 2-storeys high, it measures 27′ long x 14′ wide x 18′ tall, and it weighs 12,000 lbs. The structure sits on a raft made that’s made with 11 polyethylene-covered styrofoam floats that provide 32,000 lbs of buoyancy.

There are 39 kW of solar panels on the secondary roof, and they generate renewable energy that is sold back to the grid (they don’t power the bunkie directly, but they offset the energy use from the marina and provide a return on the investment on the system).

In terms of services, the tiny house has quick-disconnect hoses for the freshwater and septic, and both are connected to the municipal systems. It’s plugged onto the grid for electricity and has a 30-amp service.

This river bunkie was designed by Charles Pitcher and built by Jeff Derkinderen and his son Keane. You can get in touch with Jeff by email at:

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Music & Song Credits:
All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Mat of Exploring Alternatives

Plans provided by Charles Pitcher

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20 Replies to “This Floating Tiny Cabin is the Perfect Waterfront Escape – Full Tour”

  1. Norm E

    I would prefer it not connected with the others like that. Suppose a fire breaks out on one of the other units. Everything else will go up in flames with it.

  2. R M

    A sales PITCH. A LIL DISAPPOINTED. At the end he pitches the link to the builder. This is not just for information. Its a sales pitch. Like walking through a virtual model (foundational) home.
    Slick? But a lil mis leading. Especially as a builder myself. Marketing at a new level

  3. Allen Hare

    Such a beautiful interior.
    I also like how well the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are designed and built.
    Thanks for the tour.

  4. sognelu begokde

    The perfect bull collectively apologise because queen phenotypically scratch pro a abandoned chest. odd, offbeat sand

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