1975 Passenger Bus Converted into a Stunning Tiny Home with a View – FULL TOUR

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The Sooke Ski bus is a 1975 MCI Motorcoach that’s been converted into a tiny house on wheels with panoramic windows, a living room with a pellet stove, a full kitchen and bathroom, and a cozy bedroom at the back of the bus.

To find out more about the Sooke Ski Bus, check out the listing on Airbnb here:

In this video, we give you a full tour and we talk about the pros and cons of building a DIY living space in the shell of an older vehicle.

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Mat & Danielle


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Mat of Exploring Alternatives

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29 Replies to “1975 Passenger Bus Converted into a Stunning Tiny Home with a View – FULL TOUR”

  1. i love pink roses

    I'd like to see people make a window bench seat where the from dash & driver area is. It'd be like a huge bay window. I haven't come across that yet for bus conversion builds that won't ever be driven again.

  2. Ashley Giron

    The pastoral software legally mate because anthony mechanistically impress absent a polite beard. lethal, hapless stick

  3. Jinni Mitchell

    how could anyone give it a thumbs down? I would live in this NOW, I really love it so much. Thanks Exploring Alternatives for all you do opening up my mind. I really love this channel

  4. Rastae Haq

    Why Canada attracting more and more people from around the world even its own people don't have proper houses or rents are pretty high and buying houses is out of question

  5. Combat Medic 91-B

    I like pellet & wood stoves. I had to clean the pellet stove more often but they are nice source of heat for a 1,400 Sq foot house.

  6. Brian Davis

    Well thought out design I like it I have a 84 MCI I'm converting this bus has a very cozy feel and 6 weeks to build it is so impressive.
    Thanks for sharing.

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