INSIDE the SMALLEST Apartment in NEW YORK CITY | 60 ft.² Micro Studio

INSIDE the SMALLEST Apartment in NEW YORK CITY! Well we have found it! In this video we tour the smallest of of all the micro NYC apartments, minimalist New York studio apartments, and tiny NYC apartments. This studio is officially the smallest apartment in ALL of New York City…with just 60 ft.² of usable living space in this micro studio apartment!


Inside the CHEAPEST Apartment in NYC:
Living in the SMALLEST Apartment in NYC for 24 hours:

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0:00 – Intro
2:20 – Apartment #1
6:00 – Apartment #2
9:53 – Apartment #3

Welcome to the channel! Erik Conover is an American YouTuber, Real Estate Agent and adventure filmmaker living in New York City. Conover creates travel series featuring incredible destinations around the World, along with his million-dollar luxury listings series giving viewers exclusive access to some of the most beautiful luxury homes on the market.

Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, 2021
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47 Replies to “INSIDE the SMALLEST Apartment in NEW YORK CITY | 60 ft.² Micro Studio”

  1. Erik Conover

    Comment below when you started watching my YouTube channel and if you remember the VLOGS from my first tiny apartment!

  2. J Marshal

    I live in a one bedroom townhouse with my Mom and pets and these places make it look like I live in absolute luxury! We have a whole bathroom! A small laundry space! A garden! And it doesn’t cost us over $1000 a month. Looking at these tiny spaces just make me sad.

  3. murasaki rin

    I had a two bedroom that I shared with a roommate that had a good sized kitchen, large dining room, a living room of the same size, small shower/toilet combo with the sink right outside the door, and the two bedrooms were somewhat on the small size for an apt. The apt was right next to my college, in a quiet wooded area with lots of hiking trails. Yeah you had to pay for the laundry machines in like a Laundromat style area and maintenance was kinda terrible, but it was big enough to be comfortable. You know how much the total rent + electric was each month? Almost exactly $1,800. The exact same as apt 1, but with like 5x more space in a quieter area. Idk why people like living in New York with how outrageous the the price to live there is (even for a super small space).

  4. Miriam 090985

    What the hell? Most jobs in NYC don't even bring you 1800$ a month in income! 😳 Landlords demand ridiculous money for that tiny thing!!! 😡 My apartment is a bit over 656 squarefeet for about $637 a month on rent and that in a not so small city!

  5. TWLML420

    That’s absolutely crazy! I live in the upper Midwest you can rent a five bedroom three bathroom three-story house with a three car garage with a massive yard for $1500-$1800 a month

  6. Ananta Giovanni

    In indonesia i rent a 250 m2 /2691 ft.² house for just $ 3,156 a YEAR. It has 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom. This is insane.

  7. Quentin Freeman

    Reasons why I can't live in NYC lol. I make enough money that I could probably pay double the rent of when the most expensive apartment here, and it would still be some tiny bullshit lol. You can chase dreams in a more reasonably priced part of the world. My last place is bigger than Erik's current place and it was $1400 a month. My current place in South Korea is just over 1000²ft and it's $1034 a month.

  8. Margaret Johnson

    In a major city, much of your living and dining takes place outside your home. In suburban Northeastern cities, the options are a little more expansive. I was in around 500 square feet in a quirky old house for over 20 years, but now have around 1000 square feet in my own condo, which is luxurious for one below local rental prices.

  9. Linette Gwyneth Low

    The first apartment was grand, the others made me cringe with tight corners and thin walls. Good on Cash for having come this far. I’m subscribing to both for life lessons. Thank you all for sharing. 💙🦮

  10. Angelic _Melusina85

    No wonder New Yorkers are so angry, they're paying $1,200- $1,500 a month to live in a bathroom. I will never complain about what I pay for my apartment and the size of it again. How do these guys think this a decent price for these apartments, if you can even call them that.

  11. Dreamwalker

    The last apartment a third of my apartment's size, and my apartment is already tinier than what a lot of people imagine when they think of a studio apartment. I couldn't do it.

    As for the first apartment, it's almost workable. The kitchen space is great, but there wouldn't be enough space for both my bed and my electronics.

  12. 7 Calderón Carranza Itari Marian

    “Don’t say the rent is too high” that last apartment costs almost 10 times the minimum wage from where I live

  13. Brian

    FWIW, those types of bathrooms are common in Asian countries. I actually wish the US had bathrooms like that. There's a floor drain that allows you to spray down the entire bathroom. It makes for easy cleaning.

    But yeah for what it is…NYC is a complete rip off. You have to live in the outer boroughs for a sense of acceptable living space. And even those are overpriced too.

  14. Monty Thibault

    The last one was brutal. If you're going to share a bathroom, it would be better simply to have some roommates. But the other two I liked, especially the first one! Small cheap private spaces are the best. And the prices aren't even that bad for NYC.

  15. Sunita Dwarka

    If you are living in such tiny apartment, it's good you put wash basin below shower tap with closing lid for washing clothes and hands.
    The space below shower is empty.
    You can use hand shower for bathing.
    Now a day's Chinese people have made folding waterbath tub it's very practical.
    We can arrange tiny apartment very luxurious without too much cost. Namh shivay.

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