Stunning Ultra Tiny Tree House with Modern Interior Design – FULL CABIN TOUR

Full tour of a tiny luxury treehouse! The Birdhouse Retreat is a 160 square foot treehouse that was self-built by a custom home builder in Chilliwack BC. It’s perched 12 feet off the ground and it’s perfectly nestled in a grove of cedars. The interior design has beautiful attention to detail and there isn’t a single wasted inch of space in here.

You can follow and find out more about The Birdhouse Retreat in Chilliwack BC:

The treehouse has a functional entrance with hooks and shelves for storing coats and shoes, the full kitchen has loads of storage for food and dishes, the book nook has a cozy love seat that folds out into a guest bed, and the loft bedroom has a Queen-sized bed with two big skylights for stargazing. The water closet has a toilet, and the outdoor shower is below the house and it’s fully functional year-round.

Access to the house is via a cable suspension bridge that bounces as you walk along it to accentuate the feeling of being elevated off the ground.

This is a very cool space and we’re so glad that we got to meet up with Ben to see how he managed to design and build such a unique and functional tiny space.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle




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Music & Song Credits:
All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Extra build footage provided by Ben from The Birdhouse Retreat

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21 Replies to “Stunning Ultra Tiny Tree House with Modern Interior Design – FULL CABIN TOUR”

  1. Evar Dion

    nice house but a pity it was built on tree stumps.. if a tree dies the stump will get eaten by fungus (from the roots up) within a few years and turn into something as soft and weak as a sponge. this is why most people who build tree houses make a huge amount of effort not to harm the tree.
    this tree house will be lucky to be standing in 10 – 15 years time.

  2. Brian Wade

    Cool, but not a tree house. It's a tiny house built on cedar log stilts. It's a stilt house among trees. A tree house must be built IN/ON a tree, preferably still living, but I won't a total pedant on that particular point.

  3. 大疯狼

    this dude is actually a proper genius .. if the goal is to make the other birds and all other wildlife jealous than i think you need NoT look any further A+1 =💯✔

  4. tallll70

    amazing details and planing… the only thing i would try harder on is the window unit placement, i would not like the strong blowing and noise inches from sleeping space, i think i would rather move it towards front maybe in between 2nd and 3th rafter on either side, or move down or change the window above the door to place it there above, or maybe even in between the window and door too ease the maintenance, maybe even make decorational box outside with all the venting in and out just to agree it with nature better

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