I rode with the WORLD’S GREATEST RACE CAR DRIVER (INSANE Indy 500 experience!)

Would you get in a race car with an 81 year old driver going 200 mph?! I still can’t believe this day actually happened! For your chance to win a Himalaya Land Rover Defender and support a great cause, go to 

Vlog 773 | Indiana, USA | State 32/50 | Filmed May 30, 2021

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50 Replies to “I rode with the WORLD’S GREATEST RACE CAR DRIVER (INSANE Indy 500 experience!)”

  1. Katie Devries

    it'd be amazing to be able to just have your entire life on wheels, that you'd be able to drive, take it with you. Like if you forget something, or even to do something, you can just run to the car and do it. Like brush teeth, loose a contact, you can just get one from the van. That'd be so nice.

  2. Michal Jůza

    Imagine saying that Mario Andretti is the most famous race car driver and the worlds greatest driver.

  3. Zach Anderson

    As a Hoosier and an IndyCar fan, I am glad you were able to share in our biggest day. Mario Andretti is indeed the greatest driver of all time. There's nothing like Indy!

  4. gqsm

    Enjoyed this video. Start fishing for invites to Daytona 500, F1 at somewhere like Monaco (Up close prestigious street track), Spa (True racers track in a stunning setting) or Monza (for the Tifosi atmosphere and history), and the Isle of Man TT (Probably the most incredible motor race of all).

  5. Brian Wilson

    Been to the Brickyard once for the Indy 500 and twice for the Brickyard 400. First time was in 1981, with my dad, as a 10 year old. Was an amazing experience. Johnny Rutherford won. If you ever get a chance to experience an NHRA drag racing event, don't pass it up. The power of the top fuel cars is out of this world.

  6. Beckett BeHeard

    I’m glad you did this- I had no idea about racing at all and this made me interested! Congrats to Helio!!! I was rooting for you too!

  7. a r friedman

    My dad was one of parnell Jones mechanics. I grew up driving quarter midget. I was only at indy 500 once in 2007. Indy is special to our family.

    I knew Helio would win a 4th time. I'm sure he will win more. I loved being there with you in this film. You had a great time despite Covid restrictions.

    The dude perfect team is so cool.

  8. a r friedman

    Many people camp out like you at the indy track. Some for approx. 2 weeks. I can imagine your joy being in the it with all the excitement.

  9. armybeef68

    Going from AIT in Columbia South Carolina to 4 months TDY in Indianapolis and staying in a motel, I wish I would have appreciated it more, but I loved Indy so much I came back two months later just for the race, and I hate racing…lol

  10. Steve Page

    As life long Indy car fan, you two had a remarkable priceless Indy experience that those us could only dream about.. your best video ever.

  11. Brian Christie

    Ya wanna experience the mother of all race cars up close and personal? How about a 330 mph ride in the fastest accelerating vehicle on earth? Look up Larry dixon's "2 seat top fuel ride" and go take a ride of a lifetime…it will leave you stunned,breathless and speechless.

  12. Gary Jackson

    I've lived on the West Coast for over 30 years but I grew up in Indiana. I watched Helio win this on TV on race day but this video had me laughing and crying! Great stuff!

  13. Peter Deppe Original

    You guys are absolutely amazing. You are not just at the right place at the right time. You two are the right people at the right place at the right time!! Helio is an amazing person, so cool you had the chance to meet him in person. I love to follow your story and journey. That was for some reason always a dream of mine, yet it never went through. Continue your journey. Much love from BC Canada

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