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This is a look inside the NARROWEST Apartment in New York City. After showing you the SMALLEST Micro apartment in NYC we are now giving you a tour of the narrowest apartment in New York currently on the market for $5,000,000! Let me know in the comments, could you live in this tiny house?



75 1/2 Bedford Ave:
3 bedroom | 2 Bathroom | 999 Square Feet
Asking Price: $4,990,000
Listed by: Hanna Oh
Mobile: +19179722241

This 19th-century building is one of the most unique and historical properties in all of Manhattan with its own Wikipedia page and numerous press articles! Famously known as Millay’s House, the three-story plus finished basement 1873 Dutch-style house has been renovated with a modern touch and aesthetic still it is featuring original details of the house. This gem of a townhouse has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 4 wood-burning fireplaces, original exposed beams, and a fully finished lower level retreat.

There’s abundant light on all three floors, from the skylight to the oversized windows, and the rear of the house has floor-to-ceiling French doors on the first and second floors that open onto a tree-shaded backyard. Each floor has an open layout and a beautiful white oak floor throughout. Modern kitchen with custom millwork, Italian marble countertops, backsplash and bathrooms.
With its unique architecture, this famous home shares notable residents. In 1923, the house was leased by a consortium of artists who used it for actors working at the nearby Cherry Lane Theater. Cary Grant and John Barrymore stayed at the house while performing at the Cherry Lane during this time. The anthropologist, Margaret Mead, The cartoonist, William Steig, and the Pulitzer prize-winning poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay lived in the house from 1923 to 1924
This is really a once in a lifetime chance to own your own very unique piece of NYC history!

Virtual stagings done by

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – History
1:12 – Entryway / Living room
1:50 – Kitchen / Backyard
3:05 – Lower level
3:48 – Primary Bathroom / Guest room
6:01 – Owners Floor

Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, 2021
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32 Replies to “INSIDE The NARROWEST Apartment In NYC | Tiny House Living”

  1. fleurdewever

    This is really common in dutch architecture like you see at the 'herenhuizen' on the canals in Amsterdam. It was because of city tax that they had to pay for every meter of building at the canals, resulting in very deep but very narrow architecture.

  2. Sophie Hood

    Love small spaces and historical buildings, but if I had 5 mil to spend on property I'd buy land and live in the forest over a city any day.

  3. Stephanie Murray

    If NY wasn't such a shit mess now I would love to live in that house. If I had 5 million I might just buy several chateaux in France and not have to be forced to be vaccinated to leave my home!

  4. Tordy Clark

    THing is, if you built a house between 74 and 76, I happen to know the number that you could choose, and it isn't 75.5.

  5. Anna O'Reardon

    This is so beautiful! I would make the basement space my living room and the entrance my dining! Worth the money.

  6. ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ

    Kitchen looks nice, but that staircase is ugly. We had one like that with that cheap looking stain in a $600/month townhouse in Louisiana back in the late 90's.

  7. Claudi Mari Mai

    i am deeply in love with this apartment !! if I would have 5 million I would definitely buy this !! wow !! <3

  8. Terrikh15

    I like the house but wouldn't pay 5 million even if I had 5 million for it.
    At only 5' tall I could easily live there.

  9. Brendan Lim

    Definitely wouldn't pay 5 million for this place. It is too narrow and very uncomfortable! There is really not much space for storage.

  10. Liz Bee

    I would if I was single or single with a kid and had money to literally burn. That's the only way I'd buy it. Or maybe to make it into a cool Airbnb.

  11. MrHubb1

    It's very nicely renovated but there is no way I think its worth 5 million dollars. The master bedroom is unusable with a normal bed. My apartment I live in now may not have all the lovely finishes but at least I can fit in my furniture.

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