I'M MOVING TO ITALY! – Travel Vlog w/ Andriana

Ok, so I may not be moving to Italy, but I could 100% live there without question! I knew I was going to love being there, but I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I mean, it was literally the most beautiful place with the most character! Now don’t get me wrong, I love Croatia more than anything, but Italy is definitely at the top….but I guess we’ll see how I feel when it’s warm again! Hope you enjoy my Italy travel vlog with @Andriana Cellini

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32 Replies to “I'M MOVING TO ITALY! – Travel Vlog w/ Andriana”


    Is it just me or has he never talked bout his own mother? I hear mother in law but never mother ???? Am I missing something??

  2. Tracy Stewart

    Vernazza and Florence are my favorite ♥️. Your trip brings back so many great trip memories on our Italy trip.

  3. Ms. Opinionated

    Why does your family name have a statue in Italy? "enquiring minds want to know"….
    Waiting on new national Italian airline to have USA departures to visit Italy. One Love 💘 ❤ 😍

  4. Sambivalent

    There is a weird border around you when it blurs the background in some shots. I don't know if you filmed with your phone in those shots just thought I'd let you know for future vlogs Michael.

  5. A knee moose

    I had a 24 hour layover in Milan. Got a train to Piza ate lunch took a snooze took a train back to Milan slept and flew home. Oh worked home…

  6. Shanika Elizabeth

    Michael getting mad at the guy from the overhead speaker made me laugh so hard. 😂 That shrimp looked disgusting 🤢

  7. flamebows

    The best part about watching your videos is when you’re tired and in need coffee..then the next clip you are all rejuvenated lol

    And after binging your old videos, I just realized you’re a UNC alum. I’m currently in my second year! Go Tar Heels!

  8. Michael Pedicin

    I loved this video and your travel blog! Can you say more about the bag you mentioned as being "the best," and it can hold everything! I just got my dual citizenship in Italy and can't wait to spend some time there. I will now try Bologna too. Actually, a cousin of mine graduated from the University of Bologna Medical School in the 60's!

  9. Crystal Slade

    Italy is stunning we visit twice a year different places for past 10 years cud quite easily live there

  10. Ro Man

    Ah you lied. Anyway being a tourist is nice everywhere, you have no idea how it is to live in Italy, e.g. the bureaucracy

  11. Duska Powell

    My niece and nephew live about an hour from Bologna in a small town called Parma. So beautiful there. And the food😍

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