SMALL SPACE TOUR – 280 ft² Minimalist Micro Apartment with Transforming Bed & Table

Tour this 280 ft² modern micro apartment with us! It has everything you need without feeling cluttered and chaotic: a space-saving wall unit that transforms from a murphy bed into a dining table and home office, a comfy living room area with a sofa and armchair, a streamlined kitchen with all the mod cons, a bright bathroom with built-in storage solutions, and even a stacked washer dryer in the coat closet.

You can check out this micro condo on Airbnb here:

The space measures 20 feet long and 14 feet wide and has a surprising amount of storage inside. There’s a coat closet at the entrance, built-in storage in the bathroom, massive overhead cabinets in the kitchen, and shelves and cupboards around the bed and the entertainment area.

With housing becoming more and more expensive, and with people trying to reduce their environmental footprint, small space living is becoming more and more common. It’s not for everyone, but it’s neat to see how a well-thought-out design can make small spaces feel comfortable and liveable.

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Mat & Danielle




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44 Replies to “SMALL SPACE TOUR – 280 ft² Minimalist Micro Apartment with Transforming Bed & Table”

  1. Qing

    I love the shallow shelf on the wall opposite the toilet. That is a perfect place to put your phone, iPad, or Magazine, when you are … boring.

  2. therealberlinsylvie

    They’re building a second “micro apartment” complex in my city neighborhood here in Berlin. The first was finished 2 years ago and is fairly empty . The builders, targeting foreign investors, advertised the spaces as “ideal speculation”. What our city needs, requires, is begging for is livable space for young families. These are not being built. It’s sad going past that complex with all those dark empty apartments built across from a very large city park (Volkspark Wilmersdorf) with 4 playgrounds. Living space should not be a commodity. (Edited for typo)

  3. Deb A Michigander

    Really like the design. I just wish that it would be for any that need housing rather than a air bnb. That would be a true answer for housing crisis. Could even be a cooperative.

  4. Mrs Deborah

    The wisest thing that should be on every individual list is to invest in different stream if income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now that the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard

  5. Dreamcatcher_11_

    All the space you really need. Just trying to thing where in this space I would be able to do yoga

  6. lsidjhgoshg

    Interesting design, but living right above the busy intersection and urban presence is not my personal favorite. I’d take that tiny house in the countryside for sure. I have something where I need to be able to step directly outside when I leave my door. A balcony feels claustrophobic. Although great for someone who loves the urban life

  7. Monica Sahu

    So much hate on this channel now thanks to troll subscribers. A good channel became an intolerant hate zone thanks to new rapid gain in subscribers. Sad to see you guys growing from such hateful fans.

  8. W1N5T0N1AN

    ok, funny story but me and my partner stayed at an airbnb in this exact building. The apt was pretty much the same design, just on a different side of the building. While the apartment is cool and very minimalist, it was immediately obvious that these apartments were built quite cheaply as almost every appliance and fixture did not feel sturdily built and was cheaply made. You could tell that the apartment would run into many issues 10-15 years down the road because of how cheaply it was built. Someone had definitely built it to maximize profits, sadly. These apts are at a waterfront and were being advertised for $300k-$400k despite being fitted with cheap appliances and fixtures.

    ngl though, for $100/night on airbnb it was pretty great

  9. Little Potato Pie

    Love this! The only thing i would change is the tv unit area and make it a work station instead. The tv is so small and it doesn't seem like there is room to put a bigger tv. I would might as well have my entertainments on a tablet or laptop instead. Also as people work from home they don't need to put the bed away all the time just to make space to work.

  10. A S

    Okay, but nobody talks about the painting? I clicked this because I was curious of the painting in the wall LOL

  11. Z Crasto

    You are so right. Living in apartments greatly reduces your footprint on the earth & the amount of open space we use up.
    In India a majority of the population is in cities & live in apartments upto 800 square feet. What a lot of people think of as tiny living, is just regular living to Indians.

  12. T K

    Nice for a pair of Mice. Too small for me though. My jackets would fit in the front closet, but my wife's wouldn't. Even if it was just me, and I downsized a lot, there's not enough storage for my liking. Maybe the rooftop deck would be a saving grace, but hopefully it would be somewhat of a green roof with shrubs and flowers.

  13. Diz Heller

    Very nice and comfortable looking space – very echoey though. It needs some sort of sound treatment, like curtains or pictures…

  14. Debra Beck

    Woderful, with the 2 dining chairs one could entertain 5 people .Add a small box ottoman, with a pop of bright textured colour would add storage and a further possible seat without cluttering the home.

  15. Jen Wylie

    They were supposed to build similar condos in my city several years ago. They never ended up building them. With the prices of housing in Ontario, I wish they would have. They did start building affordable housing for low income around this size in my city. I saw some amazing articles about how much this helped out people in need of a home.

  16. Kevin Tan

    Would change the “small shelves” in the toilet to a couple of hanging racks. Mainly to put the towel there to dry after a shower. But very well used spacing here love it!!

  17. Meredith P

    This is pretty common in many cities, no? A friend in NYC lives in 275 sq ft, and when I lived in Tokyo I had 196 sq ft. I have to imagine San Francisco, with its insane housing market, has even smaller places!

  18. Grr wuff

    2:27 – Also worth mentioning are the high gloss surfaces on both high and low cupboard doors, reflecting the floor, ceiling, daylight and artificial lighting, making the room seem larger

  19. Sandra

    Characterless and austere looking. There is zero design element. Motel rooms have better ambiance than this micro apartment.

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