the ultimate utah road trip | moab, bryce canyon, zion

Thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video! To get 10% off your first month of therapy, go to | this trip was such a dream :’) I had such a fun time roadtripping with my gals around utah and getting to see arches national park, bryce canyon national park, and zion national park !!

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my camera got some dirt in it so don’t mind those black specks on some of the clips lol

0:00-1:15 intro
1:15-2:20 better help sponsorship
2:29-2:47 meet the gals
2:47-8:08 moab & arches national park
8:09-10:31 capitol reef national park & making dinner
10:32-13:41 bryce canyon national park
13:42-18:11 zion national park

Music by G Voz – Sunlight –
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44 Replies to “the ultimate utah road trip | moab, bryce canyon, zion”

  1. Laney Sodoma

    oh my gosh this is transporting me back to my trips out west!!!! I'm smiling from ear to ear. I'm so happy you took the opportunity to be out in nature! Memories you'll never forget!

  2. Courtney Ah Loy

    Thats my home!!(: im away with the military for 16 months and incredibly homesick for Utah, so this came at an amazing time! Incredible job on the video and im so glad you loved your trip 💜

  3. Sina Dias

    I’ve also this post-travel blues, my time at Bryce Canyon was one of that big moments I’ve ever had in my life. This vid gave me a throwback moment. Thank u so much for that😘

  4. Serena Bree

    Love the super 8 filmy vibes and this whole video is executed beautifully… hah and the Full house-esque intros!!!

  5. Rebecca Sylvernale

    hey just fyi to ppl who are looking into therapy, better help has it in their contract that they could sell your data to third parties (most other places specifically bar that from happening so your mental health isn't used against you)

  6. Milla Katarina - Travel & Side Hustles

    Loved this video! I also love your style of editing and filmmaking! ☺️ I'm from Finland but I lived in Utah for a year as an exchange student when I was 17. I loved living there and it really has a special place in my heart. Utah is so so gorgeous and the scenery in the national parks is just stunning. 😍

  7. Elizabeth

    I love all the moments that you girls are together and are just having fun/being silly and laughing! It's so wholesome 😭❤

  8. Caroline

    You should try and read William Cronon's "The Trouble With Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature." Not that there is anything wrong with finding clarity in nature – but he has a really interesting perspective. Sending all the love <3

  9. Barbora Tvrdik

    Utah is home for me and seeing you in all these parks has me really homesick in France 🥲 Bryce and Zion are some of my favs. Hiking the narrows (in warmer weather) is a one in a million experience if you ever find yourself back there 👌

  10. reedreflection

    I liked that you went in the fall. Most videos are in the summer. Introducing everyone was good and I liked that you took things in stride. Thx for sharing your trip.

  11. Grace Giveans

    I was just on a Utah road trip so this is perfect timing! We even hiked the devils garden trail! It’s beautiful and fun to relive the memories here. 💕

  12. Luciana Di Paolo

    Elena is back! Ugh so perfectly captured, been following you here for a while and your travel vlogs is where you shine babes

  13. Rakel's Aligned Life

    wowww i loved this vlog so much. i really want to go to utah so bad, ( i live in australia and have never been to the states) but there is something about it that im so drawn to

  14. Carissa Wong

    The views, filming, and editing are too good! Such a lovely video to watch. Sorely needed this dose of nature while stuck in semi lockdown.

  15. Hannah Talia

    What time of year did you do this trip? Trying to plan mine for next year and what weather to expect 🙂

  16. JA the Best

    12:07 Didn't you guys watch the filmed video of a man barely escaped from a following mountain lion?😂 He was walking backward while facing the approaching lion and finally got out of the danger. So.. "Hope to see" wouldn't be a desirable situation :0

  17. Logan Arndt

    Just went on trip like this with my brother… drive from Wisconsin to
    Colorado Springs
    Black Canyon NP
    Zion NP
    Grand Junction
    Red Rocks
    Denver and then back home..
    awesome video btw!!!!

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