INSIDE New York’s Smallest Apartment for 24 hrs | 60 ft.² Micro Studio

LIVING in INSIDE the SMALLEST Apartment in NYC for 24 Hours! Well we have found it! In this Mr. Beast style 24 hour challenge video I attempt to live in the smallest of of all the micro NYC apartments, minimalist New York studio apartments, and tiny NYC apartments. This studio is officially the smallest apartment in ALL of New York City…with just 60 ft.² of usable living space in this micro studio apartment!

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Welcome to the channel! Erik Conover is an American YouTuber, Real Estate Agent and adventure filmmaker living in New York City. Conover creates travel series featuring incredible destinations around the World, along with his million-dollar luxury listings series giving viewers exclusive access to some of the most beautiful luxury homes on the market.

Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, 2021
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25 Replies to “INSIDE New York’s Smallest Apartment for 24 hrs | 60 ft.² Micro Studio”

  1. Bby Unicorn

    My face when those white castles came out the fridge🤢 (and before the hate i worked at white castle ik how nasty there shit really is)

  2. Diego

    Imagine starving people in Africa with their house made of cardboard looking at this video and see how this poor guy can live 24 entire hours in NY, yeah this guy sufferred omg 😱😱😱🤡.

  3. Sandra Quantin-Dumont

    "You wouldn't spend 24 hours locked in this flat if you were really living here"…. err have you not lived through 2020? 😂💀

  4. Dennis Lee

    Okay, First Off you should have Not done this test without AC and having a TV, thats Not average living conditions, so that alone was not playing fair…I was bummed when you bailed early, but it was good that you did spend the night……. I wonder if Cash make that hole in the air bed…hmmmm…..LOL…. But like I said to do this with no AC and zero distraction and no real way to cook something Or a bed was not really a good test, but you did it well regardless. I had fun watching this.

  5. Mamiya645

    If it had AC it would make a fun quirky apartment but it would be cheaper to get something larger and of modern building standards in central Tokyo.

  6. Generic white kid the second

    Tbh I feel like this challenge could have been totally possible if only there was more supplies given. There's no furniture so nothing to rest on besides a mattress, the TV was effectively useless, and there was nothing to snack on. Just full meals and that's it.

    Give my man a second go he just got screwed over with the setup first time around lol.

  7. Vanessa S

    1095?????? 1095???? That's a joke RIGHT?? WTF IS THIS? IM born n raised new York. Fuck NY it's absolutely made for rich or people who are willing to live with anxiety

  8. Simba Chen

    Asian fellow : that's pretty big, you spoiled brat. Don't do hotplate, do rice cooker. Do futon, not air matress.

  9. Lynzi Oliver-Musto

    I agree with most of the other commenters, it's a fine space for a student or somebody new to the city. Unless that person were to have a disability. I would imagine the storage solutions necessary to live here might cause issues for somebody who is visually impaired and for a wheelchair user it would be a nightmare!

  10. mikeylorene

    There really wasn't everything you needed to live there- no place to sit, which is essential, and no surface/table, and no proper food- not even a way to make coffee. No wonder, if two men were figuring this… I would have come prepared with a tote bag full of goodies. Plus, If I rented this place, I would get a smaller refrigerator and put the kitchen under the bed so the rest of the room is available for workspace, a dresser and seating comfort.

  11. Tiger Of Copenhagen

    Not being racist but put an Asian there and that's luxury ( seen worse conditions in HK and sweat shops/ illegal settlers in big cities). Asians can usually survive in ridiculous, tight ( pardon the pun) situations. They are survivors and they are amazing at it. Caucasians are not as resilient this way in most cases.

  12. trevor harnden

    Watching your channel is a cool perspective of what is out there. Makes me realize why I stay in Michigan.
    The rent is to damn high!

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