BOSTON TRAVEL VLOG! What We Did and Ate in Boston!

Boston travel vlog! What we did and ate in Boston

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44 Replies to “BOSTON TRAVEL VLOG! What We Did and Ate in Boston!”

  1. Pakistani mom in USA

    I wish you would go there
    Crispy dough pizza at tremont street
    George Town cupcake at Newbury street
    Prudential tower
    And last PRIMARK

  2. Silk Road

    😍😍🤲🏻💜💜💜💫😘🌸 with love and respect from 🇰🇬💌🌍🌌

  3. Hamdi Mohamed

    Yasssss yall came to my city !! All the places you went to were great, next time spend some time in north end they have the best, authentic Italian food and beautiful city art. Masha Allah yall look amazing my fav couple 💕

  4. Sanna Salonmaa

    Amanda: I'm not gonna ask you right away how it tastes… (waits 2seconds) How is it?? 😂😂

  5. Leila A

    Amanda mashallah your beautiful redish brown curly hair stands out even more against the fall leaves of the Vermont background. Xxxxxx

  6. Shaimaa A.A

    I loooooove you and your family , and ur vlooog ,, make it more Amanda 😀 U R SO BEAUTIFUL mashalla! <3

  7. Lina Ja

    I wanted to try Canoli in London and was told that it contains alcohol😳 also, almond croissants contain alcohol😱 mad ,how these days you need to ask literally on everything if it's halal🙄

  8. Sara Salman

    Mohammed is definitley more relaxed infront of the camera and showing more of his nice personality, best wishesfrom italy for you Amanda..

  9. Rula Mohammad

    Hi dear Muslimah sister. I usually don't leave comments, but I just had to inform you that cannolis usually have lard in the shell. My Italian neighbor told me. It's an honest mistake because there are so many foods with hidden pork, it's just hard to tell. I used to eat them all the time, they're delicious. But then I found out about the lard.☹ Dissappointing! I hope this helps and Salam Alaiykum.

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