Modern Prefab Tiny House Makes a Quick & Easy Dwelling Alternative – FULL TOUR

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In this video, we’re touring a modern and minimalist 200 square foot prefab accessory dwelling unit that’s built to be transported and set up almost anywhere (wait until you see one being helicoptered into place!). These units are fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and a transforming living room and bedroom thanks to a murphy bed sofa setup. They are built by Hewing Haus and come in several different sizes and layouts, from 200-600 square feet.

You can find out more about Hewing Haus prefab homes here:

Hewing Haus builds their homes with cross-laminated timbers (CLT) and they insulate on the outside. Building in this way creates a very quiet and energy-efficient home that requires little energy to heat. As with most small spaces and well-sealed homes, air quality is very important. Each unit has a Heat Recovery Ventilation unit, as well as extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom.

Overall these are beautiful, well-built tiny homes and again, you can check them out here:

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Mat & Danielle




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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat of Exploring Alternatives

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31 Replies to “Modern Prefab Tiny House Makes a Quick & Easy Dwelling Alternative – FULL TOUR”

  1. Linda Vanwey

    Beautiful. Very thought out. But absolutely no storage. One tiny closet, that is shared with the hot water tank. Where does extra TP go? Or paper towels or anything?? If I’m out living remotely and living full time in this, I would need another building for storage.

  2. James B Wonka

    Tiny house = SHED. Tiny House = POOR. Duh, even a mobile home is better. You poor people cannot even afford land.

  3. jocelyne langis

    Absolutely fantastic. So perfectly done this guy thought of everything. Nothing missing plus he realize how difficult it is to get access to property! Beautiful material also. 2 questions can it afford our winter? Second question how much cost 400sq feet and 600 sq feet? Do we have to contact them for those questions? Love the coffee table brilliant!
    Thanks so much you have put emphasis on a very important new way of living!!!!!

  4. Jeff

    600 sq ft? My house is 1000 sq ft and my family of 3 has tons of space. If 600 sq foot is a “tiny” house, count me in. Once our child grows up and moves out, my wife and I could easily part with 400 sq feet and be plenty comfortable

  5. Pat and Cori- South Island Tiny House

    Omg I love murphy beds! I had one in Boston before I moved to New Zealand. If we ever built another tiny house it would def have a murphy bed!

  6. Joe Towers

    There's no counter space in that kitchen. All the rest is great, but there are spaces you can't just sacrifice.

  7. M S

    Impressive product but why make people have to WORK to find pricing info? Even their website has no details about pricing. In spite of fluctuating variables…they should have linked to current ballpark cost.

  8. Paul Miazga

    Doubling the height of this would make heaps of sense to provide additional living space since the footprint wouldn't change.

  9. P Cal

    Do they just eat grapes and drink San Pelegrino every day? What happened to breakfast, lunch and dinner? 🙂

  10. William Whitman

    These have been around for years. They are called mobile homes/manufactured homes. LOL. Just call them something cute, like "tiny home," and you create a market.

  11. Yne Cö

    Those 200 sq. ft units look like a typical Asian metropolitan small dwelling unit in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea

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