I have skin cancer

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Episode 790 | Nashville, TN State 33/50 | Filmed Sept 21, 2021

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27 Replies to “I have skin cancer”

  1. Kara and Nate

    Just so you’re not watching in suspense – please know that Nate is officially cancer free, and we are so grateful 🙌🏻 He just has a hefty wound that’s taking awhile to heal, and has to get checked yearly for the rest of his life 😅

    Wear your sunscreen 😎 Don’t forget your ears 👂🏻 and remember you are not alone in your struggles. We all have ups and downs. You are so loved and appreciated.

    Thank y’all so much for the ongoing love and support 💞

  2. Chinju

    To say my heart dropped and stomach turned is an understatement. I wanna take a moment to really say that Kara and Nate you’ve both been such a huge part of my life the past three years that I can’t express in words. You’ve been light in my dark days, put smile on my face when in a period of daily crying and became the friends I needed without even knowing so. And I believe there are many out there that you’ve done the same for and from all of us I say thank you so much. You’re videos have been warm hugs for me and many others these past years. Hope to meet you at least once this lifetime and wishing you the best health. You’ll always be in my prayers ❤️

  3. Barbara Botanica

    last year i had a pimple under my eye that didn't go away. an old Thai doctor looked at it and said – looks like a basal tumor – no problem. i looked for a beauty surgeon, made an appointment and 2 weeks later she removed this tumor under local anesthesia. a week later i received the expected laboratory result – benign basal cell tumor. no scar on the face and every morning i wear a light sunscreen. I paid $ 250 for everything. these biopsies are pure moneymaking. the tumor has to be operated on, then off to the laboratory and that's it.

  4. Danielle Taylor

    I'm so happy to hear that you're OK and I the clear. I became so worried when I saw the bandage in your Eamon & Becks Van Swap video, then even more again when I saw this title. 🙏🏽 for your speedy recovery

  5. Ellen Watson

    I had Mohs surgery earlier this year for basal cell too! it was on my forehead though so I've got a scar on my face! little harder to cover up. They ALSO told me I won the award for youngest patient of the day. haha. It must be one of those things they say. Happy it's over with!!

  6. Deborah Beynon

    I am so glad you are going to be ok. I have a cancer scare too. Found within the last month. Thank you for the link. X

  7. Beun007

    Of course I hope you will be lucky to overcome this but I people who died within 1,5 years after they were diagnosed with skin cancer…

  8. shop Art

    After 15 skin cancers most on the skull we did radiation which slowed down the cancers but was not a cure all. I’m waiting now to have the skull bone partially removed and a piece of my thigh placed on my head. Any minor skin area that does not completely heal in a few weeks with the scab falling off and nice pink skin remaining please see a dermatologist. A continuous long term scab is more then likely shin cancer. And more then likely very curable!!! Do not wait if you can’t get an appointment with a Dermatologist right away call another dermatologist don’t wait.

  9. Taleah Price

    I was like oh wait they live in a van and you don’t have kids so you wouldn’t have a playground set

  10. Addy Williams

    My dad actually just got his taken out and got Stitches about 2 weeks ago and it was scary so proud of you Nate I promise you’ll be okay his was by his ear so he also said he felt like he had a facelift

  11. Ellen Kohler

    As someone who's been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a leak in my cerebral spinal fluid, and binary pulmonary embolism all within the last 18 months, I certainly understand the comments from Nates' grandfather about good health being a crown only the sick can see. You really really just don't understand how huge of a blessing is that we all take for granted until it's gone.

  12. thefightiq

    Cannabis slowed mine from popping up so frequently. Went from having at least 3 bcc's a year to maybe one every 2-3 years. Something to look into.

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