EXPLORE NYC | Visiting Astoria With a Local Travel Guide

Beyond Your Block Ep 4 | NYC is one of the most diverse cities in the world and I’ve been wanting to learn more about the different neighborhoods and cultures represented here from locals themselves.
Today we’re “exploring the world” through NYC and getting a look into the greek community in Astoria thanks to me new friend Yianni!


Local Initiatives to support:
Greek Cultural Center:

Spots We Visited:
– Taverna Kyclades
– Titan Market
– Greek Cultural Center
– Ocean Fish Market
– Omonia Bakery
– Astoria Park

Ep 1. Visiting Chinatown:
Ep 2. Visiting Jackson Heights:
Ep 3. Visiting Harlem:

Where I get my copyright free music:
+ full list of my camera gear:

41 Replies to “EXPLORE NYC | Visiting Astoria With a Local Travel Guide”

  1. Isaiah Tejada

    Elena! You should go to the Hudson river towns of Peekskill, Cold Spring, Beacon, and Poughkeepsie. As well as explore the Hudson Valley in general, with great food, nature, arts, and history. 45min to 2hrs on metro north from Grand Central Station depending on location.

  2. John Indy

    Love this format and content! Nice seeing other less "traveler" centric neighborhoods and people. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sabrina Douglas

    I teach second grade and I’m literally using this video to enrich my unit on Ancient Greece! Thank you so much for bringing light to Greek culture and it’s impact ❤️🇬🇷

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  5. John Indy

    Thanks for introducing Yianni!! Just subscribed to his channel. Like his upbeat personality – seems like super great guy! Many thanks….

  6. Megan Schloer

    Thank you for the video and showing us around Astoria! It was so exciting to hear about the different food and treats that they have there! I would love to go to Astoria some day!! 💕

  7. Sierra Jiminez-Bilotti

    I grew up in Astoria and haven’t been back to NY since Covid, I needed this so much ❤️

  8. Sanya Bhutiani

    Hindu (Hinduism) is a religion while Hindi is a language 🙂 GREAT VIDEO THOUGH, I LOVE IT SM. I'M OBSESSED WITH THE SERIES

  9. Suchorita Datta

    Hey Elena, great content. Just pointing out there is no language as 'Hindu'. Hindu/Hindusim is a religion in India. Many people who are Hindu speak several languages that range from Hindi, to Bengali, to Tamil & many many more. We are a diverse nation with a diverse culture and heritage. 🙂

  10. Aoife Murray

    I love these videos! Theyre really such a good idea and you're so good for putting the effort in and making them! Thank you!

  11. Jasper Meurs

    Spending in a month in NYC soon and I’m definitely going to use the tips in this video to take a day to explore Astoria!

  12. Brenna Pacheco

    great content as always <3
    i'm brazilian and is nice to know that word "bodega" is used for another nationalities, specifically greek people, cause here in Brazil we use too.

  13. Laura Marazzi

    This was such an enjoyable episode! Yianni was such an incredible guy and made me want to learn more about Greek culture!

  14. Lara Inopfek

    This was, as always so lovely to watch 🥰😊 thank you Yanni, for showing us your neighborhood and big thanks to you, Elena for creating this series 😊👍🏼 and how cute are the waiters at the first restaurant 😂

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