1 Day as a Tourist in Harlow, Essex, England | UK Travel Vlog

In my latest Uk travel Vlog I take a trip to Harlow in Essex, starting at the historic old town where I take a surprise trip with Sue and Shell, two lovely ladies (and proper characters!) to the quaint Churchgate street. From there I drive over to Harlow New Town to check out the gibberd gallery and find out what locals feel about the town center!

My next stop was the picturesque Parndon Mill and a walk along the stunning towpath before driving over to Harlow museum and walled gardens for an entertaining tour.

Finally I scoff some lovely grub at Cafe Belle Vie dead opposite Harlow Train Station.

Brilliant Stuff!

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28 Replies to “1 Day as a Tourist in Harlow, Essex, England | UK Travel Vlog”

  1. Steffi Pilz

    Steffi Pilz
    vor 0 Sekunden
    I 💚 Harlow!
    Don't forget the Harlow music!
    Newtown Neurotics 💚
    I miss THE SQUARE… 🥺

  2. Pookspoons

    Lovely to see Sue in Churchgate street, I often bump into Sue in the churchyard walking my dogs. Also lovely to see Sally & Al from Parndon Mill. My son helped Al with that bridge.
    Shame you missed out the Sarah Flowers & Douglas Hayter blue plaques, but what a great travel log around the town. Thank you. XX

  3. Nomadic Kangoo

    Awesome video. Showed Harlow in a good light (which is hard) you should do Epping, it's pretty and has the forest. 👍🏻

  4. Adaobi

    Despite living here for all my 15 years of life I learnt something new. It’s more of a family town to settle in in my opinion.

  5. M. K.

    I've heard some people saying that Harlow is "the town of the roundabouts" because there's a lot of them, do you think that?

  6. Jon Byrnes

    Harlow gets a bad rap but there’s plenty of good things there . Canada’s biggest franchise has also just opened up one of its first stores in the Uk , in harlow Tim Hortons !!

  7. K Rob

    I never knew Harlow was like this. How ignorant I am. I just assumed it was a new town and that’s it. Lovely area.

  8. Edward Alexander

    You and Nicola White and Joolz Guides… nice to know there are decent women and men around who take an interest in London and environs!

  9. Hayden Bundock

    I live in Harlow and trust me, when the town centre has been completely regenerated in a couple years time it’ll be a even better place than current. Great video 🙂👍🏻

  10. Travelling Everard

    A very well made video, thanks for uploading. My mum was brought up in Harlow, so been many times (not for a number of years though). Will head back at some point

  11. Jeff Shaw

    I have lived in Harlow for 15 years and love it her people label it as teriible place to live but it’s not as bad as many say could be better place may be more for kids to do to stop them running riot through the town and causing havoc must try that cafe you went to 😁😁😁

  12. kyri menicou

    Shame you didnt go to
    the lawn the first residential tower block in britain its about 2 min walk from the museum

  13. DireSiren

    I'm born 1985 and bred in harlow, still live here but never been to old bit. I work in the new town harvey centre. I never even knew there was a gallery in the civic centre, i never been to musuem. I expected to see myself walking past all miserable as i do lol

  14. Edward Vine

    Do come again and help people see what a great town we have. The town is under serious and detrimental threat from developers. Much of what made the town the best like the great seed bed Rock venue called The Square, ski slope, Olympic swimming pool, velodrome, vibrant market and more has been lost over the last 30 years. Now the Stort River Valley, a precious natural nature reserve where you filmed the narrow boats is under threat: hence the "Save Our Stort" poster you captured.

  15. Martin Hodges

    Great vlog. Dont know how long you've been going but I'm sure you will be successful. Good work 🙂

  16. andy wright

    Very good like to see that Harlows history is discussed and that the town is displayed in a good light Andy

  17. Carefree 69

    Born and grew up in Harlow and whilst this was a good watch it didn’t show the real Harlow. The video makes it look amazing, when in reality it’s really a bit of a shithole. Before anyone tells me
    I’m wrong, don’t forget I lived there for many many years and still pop there from time to time to see friends.

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