Everything Has Changed! (Again) | This Is Our Story

It’s crazy to think we sold everything, became full-time travellers and started sharing life on YouTube through these travel vlogs. Everything has changed, but more importantly… 💰 Join Wise now and get a free first transfer of up to 500 GBP — ⬇ More Below ⬇

For years we’ve been asked about how Daneger and Stacey came to be, how we met, what life was like before we travelled full-time and became just another YouTube travel couple making vlogs. It’s been a tricky one to tackle though because it always felt like our journey was still just getting started, in a lot of ways we suppose it still is. Life has a tendency to throw curveballs though and you either get out of the way, or catch them… I suppose you could swing the bat also, but that’s off topic.

This vlog takes you back to the start, sharing some of our unseen footage when we sat exhausted on the floor of our lounge unsure about what the world would hold for us. It’s about the biggest risk of our lives and how that played out. It’s about our journey together, where life started and how it’s treated us since. The pandemic was a curveball we didn’t see coming and we’re not 100% sure yet if we moved, caught the ball or smashed it out of the park. Regardless, it closed so many doors we’d spent years hustling to open, but it also opened another — literally.

Everything has changed, a lot has stayed the same, and yet we’ve come full circle. A new chapter. A fresh start. A remodel of life and home.

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45 Replies to “Everything Has Changed! (Again) | This Is Our Story”

  1. Daneger and Stacey

    Don't forget to check out Wise, we love what they do and you will as well! Join now and you'll get all the amazing stuff we mentioned in the video, plus a free first transfer of up to the equivalent value of 500 GBP — https://wi.se/daneandstacey

  2. Russell Foos

    Excellent episode guys. First came upon you when you were with Stephen and Jess on that cruise ship. Then went back and started at the beginning and that, as they say, is history. I look forward to every week’s new episode and can’t wait for your next big step. Good luck!

  3. Nana On The Run

    My first vlog I seen that was when you were in Chiang Mai. It's been amazing watching your adventures. Can wait to see more.

  4. Sponge Cake

    Found you when we were researching a trip to the south island last year and you had been vlogging yours!
    Thanks for the tips! 🤓

  5. Orville Henry

    I’ve loved every minute of the journey here; if only I can figure out when I started but couldn’t help but cried see you on one knee Daneger and learning about swiping right. You two are just awesome folks.

  6. 151skippy

    Great video, so nice to see how everything started for you guys. I first starting watching your travels around 4 years ago when planning a trip to Malaysia. I stayed at the paper plane hostel in Kuala Lumper, I ate street food at the Jalan Alor night market, I took the train to Butterworth and the ferry across to Georgetown, Penang all inspired from watching your channel. I’ve been following your travels ever since and always look forward to seeing your latest adventures.

  7. Craving Canada

    What an amazing story. I think I joined you during a Poland video? Krakow I think. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!!

  8. Annelien Steeg

    We first started watching your videos when you did the NZ-roadtrips. We planned on going September this year but now we hope to come to NZ next year September. Thanks to your videos we know what we definitely want to do and visit. Thank you guys so much 😍

  9. Rachelle Ardle

    I found you both when you were in Hoi An Vietnam. It was right when we were planning to start our location independent lifestyle as a family. Hopefully we can head off next year.

  10. Christopher Navarro

    Watching since 2018.. My wife and i might have join the party a little late .. We do a bit of traveling also. We love you guys and enjoy your travel adventures .. It inspire us to get out there and see the world.. TO BE CONTINUE …..

  11. Diana

    Thanks for telling your story. I found your channel when I saw you both with the Endless Adventure. Glad I found you guys!

  12. Jillian & Jeremy - Adventures of Jinx & Tiny Ninja

    Ahhhh! This was an epic flashback and SUCH a tease at the end! Can't wait to see what this is all about!! Cheers from the USA.

  13. Hooch Hilly

    y'all are inspiring af, end of story.

    from another kiwi now working remotely in CDMX after watching you guys blaze the trail

  14. Irene Priebee

    Found your channel last year when searching for motorhome adventures and loved the Reveal NZ road trips, from then I was hooked and on your amazing journeys and lifestyle. Such a lovely couple and I really enjoy your vlog style!

  15. Vicki Mcmillan

    You guys just keep getting better and better .. 🙏 luv your work .. have been following along for many years 🌺🌿🌶🥢❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Ange Christensen

    Oh thanks so much for sharing guys. What an adventure you two have been on. I started following you two, when you started touring around Aotearoa. I love watching your videos as you're both so positive and down to earth. I'm proud of the way you represent us kiwi's.

  17. Gwyneth Glas-Brown

    Wauw that was some down memorial lane 🥰 lovley to see back .
    Can imagine its a bit scary going back wonder how it all looks like after so long .
    I am sure it be fine. Good clean new paint on the walls. It will soon feel a “ New Home again “
    With your beautiful interior plans will look gorgeous.
    Succes with the painting etc 😜 Look forward to your next video 🥰
    Take care. Have a Great weekend 🥰
    We going back in to a semi lockdown for 3 wks ( more the horeca, non essential shops have to close At 7 pm )
    Everyone to work at home if they can , masks are back social distance 🤦‍♀️.

  18. Geekface

    I first started watching during your trip to Croatia. I was looking for some help planning my trip and came across the first few episodes of your Sail Croatia series – from there I was hooked! Since then I have been following your travels around the world and more recently, across New Zealand. Best wishes on the next chapter of your adventure – I can't wait to see what's coming up next for you!

  19. Alex Pappas

    Hi All, my 4yr old Luciano and I just finished watching and we started watching you when you decided to lay down roots in Bali. At the same time we were also planning to travel to Bali and possibly do the same. We just returned from a trip to Costa Rica which from the US is the closest and safest place to visit reminiscent of Bali. We still have our plans and we were happy to see that you both are making yours. We applaud your willingness to be Free and you sharing it with us. Some of the wisest words I have heard and shall share is – “Free your Mind”. Be well, be healthy, Be Free !

  20. Bucket List Travellers

    So nice to hear your whole story ☺️ We discovered you after we started our own YouTube channel last year and were looking around for others that have a similar love of travel. It's been great following your adventures and we can't wait to see what the next chapter has in store for you!

  21. Tom Bedlam

    I first started watching you guys when I was looking for cost of living videos for Thailand and came across yours (yours are the best ive seen so far, great straight forward info). Love seeing your journey! Its inspiring to see people do the things we've been hoping to do for a long time. We were supposed to leave on our endless work/travel Asia trip back in October 2019… you can guess how that went haha Maybe next year eh

  22. Evija Bozinska

    Found tour channel during Englands first lockdown. Travelling on youtube and your positivity was helping me a lot to 🙂 ❤️

  23. Sizzlemann

    I was one of your early subscribers when you were Anything Edit. I picked up on you shortly after your first trip to Bali. Been watching you two grow together for years. Funny how things have changed as we (wife and I) been traveling for the last 2 years (through the Covid pandemic) all over the world and you've been home. I'm in Turkey now, been here for 1 1/2 months. Tuesday we head for the UK for the next month or so. With Covid, we are limited on where we can go so it's been tough traveling. But you (and a couple of others) inspired us to get out there and we weren't going to let anything stop us. We have filmed our journey for our family and friends back home and are on YouTube as the Global Geezers. But we're not even close to your level of production. I hope someday you can get back out here and we can have some pizza and beers together.

  24. Sagar and Ami

    We only found your channel earlier this year when you were travelling around New Zealand. We were searching for blue springs videos on YouTube and found your video! My partner and I love your editing. Sometimes we pause and rewind, just to see what and how you did that! Hahaha! Also the music is SO good!
    That’s the beauty of YT and we are so glad to have found your channel 😊😊

  25. Tara Stewart

    You Popped up in our suggested videos as we have a motorhome to tiki tour around NZ. So first videos we watched was your RV road trip. Now miss 7 is addicted to your channel 😀

  26. Stacey Carr

    I work(ed) for Motorhome Republic when you partnered with them for your motorhome trip! Have been following since 🙂

  27. Rex Waldron

    Some great memories there guys – so many excellent vlogs and experiences. I've been along for the ride since the beginning of 2018 and enjoyed everything you have done. I've really felt for you free spirits during this last 2 years, but you have made the very best of it and your NZ tours have been epic. Given that this nightmare seems likely to continue, I think your new project with the house is a good one and I'm really looking forward to it! Keep the videos coming xx

  28. Stephanie Gillespie

    First found you guys when you were exploring Scotland two years ago when planning my own adventure. Absolutely fell in love with the way you both fused info about the area, foodie tips and your fun and embracing personalities with amazing cinematography! Have been hooked since! I'm excited to see what you guys have planned next 😃

  29. jas_ sd_cruz

    You guys are amazing! Cant exactly remember which video of yours i saw first..but i started watching around the beginning of the pandemic.
    ❤️Love from Paeroa❤️

  30. Grant Padia

    My wife and I visit NZ every year (wife is a kiwi born in the states)… needless to say we found you guys at the start of the pandemic and love all the ideas for the next time we visit 😎. We’ve been to a lot of the places you have. so can’t wait to revisit, and for the ones we haven’t, new plans to make!

  31. Scott McMurray

    I've just had a think and I think first time I came across you guys was when you were in Berlin and I was planning a trip there. Looked it up and that was 3 years ago! Can't believe I've been stalking your movements for that long! 😳

  32. Janice S

    I started watching, I think you were in Tauranga, but I sort out all your videos Of around New Zealand after I stumbled upon them, three years ago. I left New Zealand five and a half years ago now to come and live with my son and hIs family. (I have my own studio apartment so I'm independent.) Within the same house. I guess I enjoy seeing my country through others eyes, have so enjoyed your videos . Kiwi from Virginia. Loved the tour you did in the South Island.

  33. Josh Ruwhiu

    I started following from about 20,000 subscribers!! Have loved watching you guys out there doing it! I remember thinking how awesome is it that a fellow kiwi couple was out there mixing it up with other youtube travel vloggers!

    Its been awesome watching you guys grow! And i hope that you can start travelling again soon!

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