Would you spend $135,000,000 on this NYC Apartment? #shorts

Inside a $135,000,000 Zen Inspired NYC Penthouse in 432 Park Ave. Full NYC Apartment Tour video coming soon! #shorts #nyc #apartmenttour

23 Replies to “Would you spend $135,000,000 on this NYC Apartment? #shorts”

  1. Servragh Giorsal

    If I had that kinda money I'd buy land in cities & build tiny houses for the homeless. Or*†ANYTHING but this.

  2. Veronica Smyth

    This is Beautiful. Who is calling me a Wench? I was thinking I would add five important things to change it….A stone waterfall in the bathroom maybe a fireplace too with that view from the bathtub. The rug that looks like a sand garden I would change into a real time moving sand garden in a giant coffee table above that rug to match and to soothe. Some giant live Greenery. House Trees. Some big fluffy silks in vibrant colours splashed randomly about with matching silken Pillows. And of course, last but least….some shocking colourful paintings and sculptures. Art.

  3. Stephanye Jones

    I would rather have a BIG mansion with a pool with Waterfalls A big ass yard. With a six car garage😎

  4. RenRen

    Would i spent money on that one?
    No. I don't have the money and im really afraid of height, i cant even go to an apartment rooftop because im afraid

  5. Fiyah Fly oOOo

    It's beautiful but I'm not paying that much just to have neighbors near me. I'm also not paying that much cuz i don't have it lol

  6. walter white

    Like cold oatmeal and warm yogurt. There is a difference between simple and plain. This is depressingly plain.

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