We tried 18 Turkish foods in this jam packed travel food vlog to give you a taste of this country’s wonderful cuisine! From kokorec to simet to raki, we gave the Istanbul food scene a run for its money, and we think we may have found the best pide in Istanbul along the way! With so many foods packed into one vlog, we hope to give you a good idea of the variety of local cuisine here in Turkey. If you are headed to Turkey, this video will give you a good idea of what street foods you have to try while in the country and what foods (or drinks) you might want to avoid!

Trying 18 Turkish foods is no small task, so if you are in the city we suggest you spread out your eating over a couple of days to enjoy every bite!

We hope you enjoy our ultimate Turkish travel food tour video!

Thanks for watching our travel vlog! | Filmed October, 2021

== Chapters ==
0:00 Preview
0:28 Food tour plans
0:54 Cay and Turkish coffee
1:54 Simit
2:42 Ayran
3:15 Fresh pomegranate juice
3:52 Spice Market chocolates
5:26 Kestane (roasted chestnuts)
6:41 Fish sandwiches on the water
8:00 Pide
9:14 Raki
10:18 Turkish ice cream
11:27 Stuffed mussels
12:09 Turkish apple tea
12:39 Kokorec (lamb intestine sandwich)
13:24 Turkish delight
14:17 Baklava
15:12 Adana kebab
15:46 Shawarma
17:53 Bloopers

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Hey there! We are Nicole and Mico, a #Canadian couple searching for adventures all around the globe. In March 2021 we quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and hopped on our first ever one-way flight. We believe #travel builds understanding that reaches across culture, language, and boundaries, and we want to share our experiences as we create connections all over the world. If you like learning about unique places, new cultures and different foods, then come follow our adventure as we explore all our beautiful planet has to offer.


  1. Traveller Yildirim

    Nice Vlog again and nice to see that you taste many dishes but you forget baked potatoes ( KUMPIR ) and please dont say to our "Döner Kebap" , Shawarma ,) thanks for the good Job …I am shure you will have in a short time many subscribers ))

  2. Jamie Does Life

    Great video, that Pide looked absolutely amazing. I was supposed to go to Istanbul last year but my trip was cancelled, looks amazing! Have you visited the blue mosque?

  3. Zaytoun

    The oriental music is arabic not turkish, not part of the turkish culture and doesn't really match the vibe, maybe use it for Egypt if you visit there once. Also Shawerma is arabic not turkish if that's what they told you it is then it was most probably a Syrian restaurant, the turkish version is called Döner or Dürüm..

  4. Reed Family 6

    Wow this looks so amazing! What an incredible experience! The dough with the meat and cheese looks sooo good!! Turkish ice cream looks delicious too!

  5. Jenn & Leon Travel

    Love, love, love semmit – and the tea, pomegranate juice is awesome! We didn't try the chestnuts. We literally have a similar video lined up waiting since we're so far behind in our travels. Really enjoyed this guys!

  6. Hop On The Map

    Omgg ok, so for sure David would love to try that coffee and for me I would go for the turkish apple tea, it looks awesome and I am a bit tea addicted. As per food Shawarma looks pretty interesting but we would try everything probably heheh!

  7. Postcard And A Pint

    Love that you had a list!!! You’re better than me, I can’t do the Turkish coffee! Too bitter and I wouldn’t sleep for a week!! Great tour and food tour. We can’t wait to get back and visit Istanbul. 🍻

  8. Sel

    You can't have Ayran alone guys you need to have it with a spicy kebab food. Like if you had next to adana kebab you might like it 🙂 also it does take time to like it but of course is not for everyone.

  9. Dipti's Home Kitchen

    Great to see your vlog and am seriously feeling hungry 😋… thanks for sharing the mind blowing turkey delicacies 👌👌🧡…

  10. MELEK 02

    Yedikleriniz sadece bizim atıştırmalıklarımız.Asıl yemeklerimiz ve tatlılarımız farklı ve çok çeşitlidir.Dünyanın en iyi mutfağıdır.

  11. Brad Johnson

    Raki is not like solo chilling drink. Actually you drink that with lots of traditional appetizers and main course(usually fish). Its our bad cuz most of tourists dont like it cuz we are just recommending it without saying how actually locals drink it. Note: using shawarma or shuvurma instead of kebab whatever it is.triggered me 😛

  12. Şevval Savaş

    For baked potato (kumpir) , you guys need to check out “ortakoy square”. You would be seeing multiple open stands making kumpir

  13. Ömer Kayasaroğlu

    Some of the local delicacies :

    1. Bursa İskender Kebab and Alinazik Kebab – 2. Gaziantep Yaprak Sarması and Biber Dolması – 3. Kayseri Mantı – 4. Konya Lamb Tandır – 5. Vali Kebab (mixed kebab) – 6.Blacksea Pide or Konya Pide – 7. Raki, Fish and Appetizers – 8. Kayseri Yağlama-Develi Cıvıklısı – 9. Mediterranean olive oil foods (Enginar-Kereviz-Türlü-Börülce-) – 10. Turkish Breakfast – 11.Kunefe-Baklava-Pumpkin Dessert in Lime- Kastamonu Helva – 12.Dry beans and rice – 13.Trabzon Hamsili Pilav, Kaygana, Kuymak, Laz Böreği – 14.Drinks: Şalgam, Ayran, Raki, Turkish Wine, Boza, Salep, Turkish tea-coffee 🙂

    And many more local flavors 🙂

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