I Went To New York With An Empty Suitcase & Came Back With A New Wardrobe

I went to New York with no clothes and came back with a new wardrobe. You can find my on-the-go supercharged facial device, the UFO 2 by FOREO here: foreo.se/0fqb
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Thanks to Foreo for partnering with me on today’s video!

I am the worst when it comes to shopping for new clothes, and oftentimes feel uninspired in Seattle. New York has such a great energy, and some of the best shopping- so I packed my essential products, NO clothes- and went on a shopping spree for some new outfits!

Uniqlo White T-Shirt:
Uniqlo Pants:
Aritzia Wool Cardigan:
Zara Green Dress:
Zara Lounge Set:
Zara Leather Pant:
Zara Skirt: can’t find on the website!
Zara Blazer:
Zara Plaid Sweater:
Aritzia Sculpt Tank:
Aritzia Leather Pant:

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33 Replies to “I Went To New York With An Empty Suitcase & Came Back With A New Wardrobe”

  1. Say Hello to the City

    Uniqlo is a godsend. Their U collection (designed by a former Hermes executive) has the best t-shirts and their coats/down jackets are classic and unbeatable.

  2. more life.

    I literally went to NYC this summer never heard of Uniqlo went in there and picked up that same tshirt in 3 colors. Once I got back home I found their website and ordered all the colors and are now my work day tshirts and go with everything.

  3. Debra Stewart

    Wow going away with just the clothes you were wearing !! And brought new clothes there good on you ,the clothes were amazing !! Loved them ,I from Australia ,and I just love fashion !! Really liked your style ,have fun I'm new to your channel .😘👍xo

  4. coconutpanda

    You turning around and thinking that woman in the store was Shelby was cute and funny! Also, is no one going to mention the random legs that were in frame from 7:25 to 10:02 ? 🙂

  5. Victoria S.

    Uniqlo is the best!! You might light some MUJI stuff too. I also have a Babaton coat!! not the best thing for cold Washington winters but perfect for transitioning seasons.

  6. Shelby Church Is Beautiful

    IT Was So Funny When Monica Saw That Lady And Asked Her To Hold Some Of The Clothes And She Was Not Shelby. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Kimber Bell

    I love all the colors you wear…but rarely see you in a black top. I think a black top would be a great piece to add!!

  8. S StCatherine

    I like all the apartment pants (Friends reference lol), The outfits all looked classy. Would you consider seeing a personal stylist and doing a vid on that, just to see what they would suggest. Not sure what they cost in the US, but here you can get a free 30-45 min consultation and then book if you like their suggestions.

  9. Jason

    Who would have thought Monica model would go to New York without her clothes! I know Shelby always forgets her toothbrush, but wasn’t expecting this. The fuzzy sweater and ribbed top both look amazing on you …and that grandpa jacket belongs to grandpa!

  10. Kaylah Simone

    Sometimes with oversizedblazers I feel you have to lean in to the baggier style a bit. So with certain silhouettes trying to style it too fitted/feminine underneath doesn’t really help. I recently bought a similar oversized blazer and rather than doing a skinny Jean underneath, perhaps try straighter legged or even a baggier, or flared pant underneath (depends on your style). I’m living in Europe and this style is quite popular right now, so I also see a lot of the women wear those exact blazers with a fitted skirt or some paper bag shorts (usually leather or black) over sheer tights or even fishnets, with a combat boot (chunkier—think closer to a Dr. Marten) and then whatever top works! It’s all about styling that really helps.

  11. Samarth Adwani

    Realy Really liked this Video and Monica You look really really very Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖

  12. you2bevsgoogle

    A little bit clickbait or ? Monica 🙄😁 it was not empty real empty suitcase,about the video its however good hey Shelby 🙋Edit: What happend Monica can say bye at the end 😱 + point 👍

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