Inside a $16,900,000 Modern Marbella Mega Mansion 🤑 #shorts

Take a quick look touring this $16.9 million dollar modern mega mansion! Full tour with @Drumelia Real Estate coming soon!

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34 Replies to “Inside a $16,900,000 Modern Marbella Mega Mansion 🤑 #shorts”

  1. Ethan The Boss

    Why buy this when with the same money I can buy a TWO bedroom apartment in New York City??

    But really if I come into enough money, Ill have to keep Spain in mind as a location for a second house.

  2. E. S.

    nice, but I just wondering why he's doing a one min short of a house Drumellia did a month ago. A lot of people watch Drumellia. Eric had said videos ago he was going back to a travel vlog channel? I think we all miss the travel channel. I really hope he sticks to that idea, the travel vlog was my favorite.

  3. Car Crazy Guy SA

    Hmmm to big for one person, actually too big for one family. You could literally fit a whole neighborhood in there

  4. Daria Gogol

    Imagine forgetting something in another room..

    I would, most likely, just get tired from running around all the time. And the distance it takes to get from one room to another.
    I love spacious places but this, to me, is too big to big a cozy and pleasant home.
    But I don’t think that “cozy” is what the future tenants tend to go after 🤷🏼‍♀️.

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