Is this $14,700,000 Modern Spanish Mega Mansion worth it?! #shorts

What do you think of this $14,700,000 Modern Villa in Marbella Spain?
FULL home tour coming soon with @Drumelia Real Estate

#shorts #realestate #megamansion #hometour

37 Replies to “Is this $14,700,000 Modern Spanish Mega Mansion worth it?! #shorts”

  1. ChantillyAKAChantillyTV

    The cameraman didn’t even show the view☹️
    The house and pool look nice tho
    But the men look better🥰😋
    💁🏽‍♀️Do they cm wit the house😁

  2. jake rojas

    I'm a take the 1200 sexiest fertile Spanish mami's that are virgins– and we're gonna have a few month vacation getaway there 😎 very soon.

  3. Monique Deitz

    Looking forward to seeing the full video. Looks like a lovely location. 

    Question: for subscribers, does YouTube NOT send out notifications for shorts? I don't seem to be receiving any, though the full length vid notifications arrive properly.

  4. Tim Dore

    I still have a hard time understanding why you want a house so big you use only fifteen percent of it? It's all postering your arrogance.

  5. J Kee

    I found an italian winery nestled in a pristine preserve for just over 1 mil..still too poor to afford it but yeah

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