our 1987 Westfalia Vanagon VAN TOUR | one year later

An updated tour of how we layout and use our Volkswagen Westfalia campervan.
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23 Replies to “our 1987 Westfalia Vanagon VAN TOUR | one year later”

  1. Michele Ricucci

    Hey, how do u bring it to Canada? I would love to go to Canada for married my beloved but i don't know if is possible to go with my house on wheels. ♥️

  2. Ac Dc

    Nice Vanagon! We have an 86! I installed a new radio I think i was a waste 😂 cant hear anything when driving 😂

  3. john kempf

    I went with a Truckfridge because I still wanted the floor space. I use it for a shoe mat so the van stays cleaner.

  4. VW Forever

    Great to know how you guys are doing after a while. I'm particularly interested in your battery charger when you're hooked to shore power. What brand and model is it. We have a 90 Westy, and I've been looking for a decent battery charger. Do you have and auxiliary battery?

  5. hohoho hehehe

    That's far too cramped. I wouldn't sleep up in that bunk, but rather put our clothes up there and sleep in the back of the van.

  6. Mike

    Hey, I want to say I have been watching your videos for quite awhile. You and Matt have inspired my girlfriend and I to start our own YouTube travel channel on here. We are going to both be moving from the east coast next year to Ottawa and then starting our channel from there. You have gave us a TON of great ideas of places and things we want to include in our channel as well. Mind you there is a lot we will be including in ours that yourself and other YouTube travel channels left out in your videos… (not going to give away our secrets LOL) But thank you for inspiring us. Love the tour of your van, I am looking to also buy a used camper van out here in Newfoundland for my girlfriend and I to use for traveling in for our channel.

  7. NEHA

    Hey Nadine, ur videos are really adventurous and entertaining.I am 18year old now, and I am creating a Bucketlist.Can you pls suggest something to add on it? 🙏

  8. Joleen Poletti

    We are thinking about traveling in the USA with this kind of a van. But where do you shower? We are from Europe and we don't know if there are a lot of possibilities in the USA. We know there are camping places. But everyone tells us, they are very expensive. So, how have you manage that an how expensive is it really?

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