*One of a Kind* School Bus Tiny House Conversion Built with Salvaged Materials

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This is a 1969 International school bus that was converted into a tiny house B&B. It’s built with locally salvaged materials and decorated with fun thrifted vintage items.

To find out more about the Old School B&B in British Columbia, Canada:

The interior space is 19′ feet long from front to back, 7.5′ wide, and 5’10” high in the middle. The driver’s seat was converted into an indoor shower, and the passenger area is now a cozy living space with a copper penny desk, a kitschy kitchenette, lounging benches beside a propane fireplace, and a queen-size bed with loads of storage below.

The bus has a roof built above it to protect it from the weather and to create a covered porch. There’s also an outdoor bathroom/outhouse built right outside with running water and an Envirolet composting toilet.

To find out more about the Old School B&B:

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50 Replies to “*One of a Kind* School Bus Tiny House Conversion Built with Salvaged Materials”

  1. Linda Ondovcsik

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us! Love it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I definitely could live very comfortable! Very unique!!!

  2. Dennis Johnson

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  3. Wojciech Kalka

    I really like your videos, but how does this minimalism lifestyle work with playing piano, drums and/or cello, and other creative hobbies, having a motorcycle, it seems it minimalism is often limiting .. none of the videos on youtube show anyone in this places with a piano or drums in their tiny places .. is it all about just living economically without creative hobbies?

  4. Thomas Moetz

    Especially like your "busport"… This is on my agenda as well. The color combo seems well known as well.😁

  5. Kathryn Hurn

    Wish you’d STOP providing a platform for horrible gig economy (Airb&b) and class traitors. With millions of working Americans unable to own their home forever under the thumb of landlords and millions homeless and millions one paycheck away from being homeless – this is an affront to class solidarity.

  6. Flor Oliveto

    What I love about the entrance is that she didn't try to hide the fact that this is a school bus nor that it's a home. It's as if she had embraced its hybridness and showed it off beautifully 😍

  7. MimiZ914

    Absolutely ingenious. School buses are the most indestructible vehicles around. I hope zoning laws will allow more of this type of housing.

  8. sandra wilde

    Love your schoolie home and everything looks nice and organized. Love the blue you picked out for the bus it's so retro.

  9. Kathy Weber

    really adorable bus and surroundings. Really a great job. I love the toilet area. I love everything about the inside of the bus. The penny counter is great too. Love the color of the bus. it's all so whimsical. Great job!!

  10. Nerida Duncan

    Gotta love arty people. Love this. Love the re-use recycle ethos as well. Hope you do very well in life.

  11. Sarah Cox

    Absolutely beautiful,just love it and the idea of reusing things for different purposes. Love the counter top covered in pennies and the loo is lovely too.

  12. D D

    Just curious where this is located. In most places I’m aware of, there are zoning rules that have to be followed, and this would never pass county inspections for things like the roof, tie downs, etc.

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