This Epic Solar Powered Sailboat is a Self-Sufficient Home on the Water

Simon has transformed this derelict sailboat into an epic off-grid solar-powered and fossil-fuel free cruising catamaran. He’s been living aboard and renovating the boat for the past 3.5 years We’re excited to show you the transformation as well as how he plans to propel the boat without the use of diesel or fossil fuels!

You can follow Finding Simon’s inspiring boat building and liveaboard adventures here:

‘Old Dog’ is a 1976 Wharram Oro 47, which is a Polynesian canoe cat-style boat. Simon purchased it for $5000 CAD after it had been sitting in the same spot for 12 years (looking back he probably wouldn’t have paid that much for it!).

To transform the boat to a fully electric sailboat, Simon removed the diesel engine and replaced it with an HP EV AC 12 kW engine, and installed 16 x 330 Watt solar panels (5280 Watts total), and nearly 20 kW hours of lithium battery power. He also plans to add an equivalent amount of wind turbines on the boat for days and seasons when there’s less sun. And of course, he’ll eventually have some sails and a couple of telescoping masts.

The living space inside the boat includes 4 berths, a mechanical room, a head bathroom with a washing machine, a massive galley, two cockpits (yet to be built), and a settee lounge area. Outside there’s a great back deck and eventually there will be a space to lounge up front as well.

You can follow Finding Simon’s inspiring boat building and liveaboard adventures here:

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25 Replies to “This Epic Solar Powered Sailboat is a Self-Sufficient Home on the Water”

  1. P7 Edits

    I'm gunna say that is not going to survive any real storm and this guy is crazy for spending that much on a boat that is well past it's prime.

  2. kevin welsh

    I wouldn't sport all those panels on an ocean crossing because I think they are prone to being blown off by the wind.
    How does one acquire a mooring ball? how do you find a spot that is not conflicting with neighbours to place a mooring ball? Is it squatting? Do you lose your ball if you leave?

  3. Chris Fischer

    Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t solar panels depend on fossil fuels to even be manufactured? Or is there fossil fuel free manufacturing plants that creat all these “green” electronic items? Enlighten me

  4. Jon Bacon

    As a fellow liveaboard living in the same area as Simon, I thoroughly enjoy his channel. Outstanding job on his cat.

  5. Sprits Fal

    1:00 Wow sat for that long and the owners were still asking 5k for it? I would've told them to go fk themselves.
    4:00 U never answered why u got rid of the perfectly working engine. I would've had it onboard for a "just in case" at the very least. Did you need the extra space it occupied or something?
    6:40 All that power and you're NOT using induction? Why?

  6. Susan Karen

    I came here to learn how to invest after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $460,000 in 4 months from $160k, somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm still confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas.

  7. Anne6621

    this yacht is cooler than any million dollar cat and the best memories is not going to be the sailing but all the renovations and prep

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